Friday, November 28, 2014

The Girl in the Long Red Skirt

 Although there's no snow on the ground, the holidays are in full
swing at our household! My hands have been busy making 
decorations, winter-themed items have taken over our shelves
and walls, and our calender is marked with holiday events. 
Acquire memories, not things is our motto this holiday season.
The focus shall not be on money spent and luxurious gifts, but
rather our time and energy will be devoted to occasions and
events.  A few evenings ago my family and I went and saw A
Christmas Carol, a popular classic tale - it was the perfect way
to kick-start the holidays. What could be sweeter than the song
Christmas Bells being performed live? Yes, I'm feeling quite
festive this year - hence the red and white ensemble with
gold touches. Be prepared to be bombarded with Christmas-y
outfits and pictures. You have been forewarned....

Thrifted // Owl Necklace
DIY // Bead Necklace
Thrifted // Top
Thrifted // Skirt (Made in Canada)
Gifted Gold Bracelet from Saudi 
Old Navy // Flats 

Monday, November 24, 2014


Since I would not classify my last post as upbeat, we'll keep this one
as light and airy as a French pastry. There's no denying I have a love
for outfits made up of earthy tones. There's something comforting
about browns and muted greens. Being colours of the forest, it comes
as no surprise they go so well together. Paired with ladylike lace, the
earthy tones seem soft and warm rather than rugged. I find brown and
green to be underrated - hey, there's even the saying no browns after
six. That's just another reason to love autumn, everyone is all about
the earthy tones. 

Garage Sale // Scarf
Thrifted // Cardigan
Thrifted // Dress
Thrifted // Belt
Souvenir from Cuba (gift) // Ring
Thrifted // Shoes

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Our Homes Are Their Graves

When eyes gaze upon this land laid to waste the words what you
spend years building may be destroyed overnight never rang more
true. In piles larger than arms can reach lies death. Bloodless, tear-
less, and without a scream came death. Cut open, rings of years past
are visible. This was once a  place where creatures found refuge
beneath and between the trees. It now is a hard place where the wind
is ferocious and the sun beats down relentlessly without mercy. All
that remains are stumps, like lifeless bodies after a war. They are a
reminder of what once was, what could have been. Machines do our
bidding and have caused a disconnection from nature.  Whilom slaves
to the land, we now are a race of conquers and rulers. The sad truth is
we have become the very rulers each of us fear. Our advantage
is our mind's capability, but it also serves as our weakness. 

Gap // Cardigan 
All else thrifted 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

58 Days of Autumn

The temperatures have been steadily decreasing and we even had
flurries for a few hours the other day. Last night as I stood beneath
the velvet-blue starry sky, a wish rolled off my lips and into the wind;
please, I pleaded with Mother Nature, let autumn last just a bit longer. 
I woke to an angry wind that rattled my windows and a brilliant sun that
fought to shine through my curtains this morning and I thought that
Mother Nature had ignored my prayers. But the moment I opened my
door the sun's heat could be felt and the breeze was warm against my
skin. Plus 14 mid-November is a prayer answered in my books,
especially considering my neighbours and their stories of snow!

I'm ever so happy for this long-lasting autumn, it gives me a chance to
wear this ever so autumny skirt - I've been meaning to for a while. This
skirt and I have a love-hate relationship. I love the print, but hate how
my mind draws a blank when attempting to style it. I'm not sure if it's
because there are so many colours or if it's because I have an undying
obsession with matching. 

DIY Necklace
All else thrifted

Thursday, November 13, 2014

November's Time to Shine

I can't believe it's the middle of November and there are still leaves
on the trees and an absence of snow on the ground! It doesn't feel
right to start decorating for (ahem) the holidays with leaves still on
the trees, and yet, I don't want to wish away the leaves. I would like
the months of September through to December went by in slow
motion.  From then until June, fast forward. I've been trying to layer
outside of my usual dress and sweater box. It's a long eight months
of having to bundle up! I find layering can sometimes be difficult
when wanting to keep a ladylike figure. Vests are a great piece,
they add a little extra warmth, and right over your heart. What are
your tips for staying warm yet stylish during the cooler months?

Thrifted // Beret
Thrifted // Vest
Thrifted // Shirt
Thrifted // Belt
Thrifted // Bag
Thrifted // Jeans
Le Chateau // Boots

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Autumn Adventures and Other Such Things

It might have been the layers, it might have been the sun, but the day
was deliciously warm and called for an autumn adventure. The smell
of smoke hung thick in the air. It conjured up images of middle-aged
men dressed in tweed blazers and reading glasses upon their noses
sitting in front of a crackling fire with a book in hand and husky
golden labs at their feet. We walked where our friends with hooves
walked just earlier that day.  I may have missed them today, but
we'll meet one day. From atop the giant hill the wind blew strong
and I embraced it with open arms. With this bird's eye view I felt
for a moment what it must be like to have wings. Everything looks
so small. Everything meshes together. I've been learning to use my
senses lately. The overpowering smell of apples from the unseen crab
apple tree. The feeling of the heavy, damp air signalling rain. Branches
break, bird's cry out, and off in the distance a dog's bark can be heard
faintly.  I see the prints in the mud and the tall grass trodden over - we
are not the only ones to make paths. 

Blame is to be put on my rural surroundings for today's home-on-
the-range ensemble. As the tired saying goes, when in Rome. It
really came out of the desire to be warm - layers, layers, layers. I've
been trying to include more dresses that look good with long-sleeved
tops and sweaters underneath and this linen button-up does the job.
The wool pullover underneath is what keeps this dress wearable
during the non-summer months (looks much different here, worn
in the heat of summer, or here as a long vest thing). I'm foreseeing
a very long friendship with this dress. 

Thrifted // Hat
Thrifted // Scarf
Thrifted // Dress
Jacob // Sweater
Thrifted // Belt
Le Chateau // Boots (very old)
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