Saturday, January 31, 2015

Those Stir Crazy Days

If I keep telling myself that I love winter I think it may very well
come true. It's taking everything I've got to forget those carefree
barefoot summer days. I just want the sun!  I mean come on,
look how pale my face has become - it's beyond the help of
simple bronzer at this point. I need and want the warmth of
the sun so bad I'm ready to make like Rapunzel's mother and
hand over my first born. Too bad there's no witch to make this
bet with. Notice: Calling all witches, I will trade my unborn
first child for summer again. And this is the boiling point of
sanity. I have now ventured into the land of raving lunatics....
It's a shame the only 'wild' places left in the world have such
extreme weather. Stay warm, my friends!

Gifted // Wool Hat
 Jacob // Wool Sweater
Thrifted // Silk Skirt 
Thrifted // Bolo tie 
Thrifted // Belt 
Vintage // Leather Boots 

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Art of Flora Forager

When I joined Instagram just a couple of months ago - I know,
only a wee bit late to jump on that wagon - one of the first people
I began to follow was @flora.forager.  Her cheerful creations
transport me to sunny days spent walking through fields with
the tall grass tickling my legs, which is much welcomed during
this bone-chilling month. What I love most is her use of the
natural world around her to depict the beauty of nature. And
her ability to maintain originality day after day never ceases
to amaze me either; from animals and birds, to landscapes,
to messages, to abstract art.  Her work simply makes me happy. 

For more of Flora Forager's work visit or
follow her on Instagram - you'll be glad you did! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

To the top of a Mountain

I climbed my first mountain this past weekend! Not some crazy high
mountain or some overly dangerous rocky mountain, but just a regular
mountain with trees and a steep incline. At 26, this is the first time. 

You see, I was a child of the city. I grew up without much money
surrounded by concrete and cultivated gardens. 

When I lived in British Columbia and Alberta, home to the rockies,
I could see the massive mountains off in the distance. I would close
my eyes and be transported to a world of dense forests, woodland
creatures, and fresh air. Like a country girl who dreams of the big city
and all its opportunity, I was a city girl who longed for the wild and free.

Having never lived by the ocean before, with the salty air and crashing
waves, this summer was all about beaches and coastal walks. We've 
become forest dwellers as of late, as the trees protect against the cold
wind that blows so ferociously. With a thick sheet of slick ice coating
the ground, January is probably not the best time to hike up a mountain,
but there's something beautiful about being up there all alone.

It feels wonderful to accomplish something I've wanted to do for
so long. I think I'm more proud of myself for living the life I want
to lead than I am for the fact that I graduated from university! 
I find also that it now gives me the strength to work on the next
 set of goals - I can already hear the peep peep peep of baby chicks.
I suppose one could say I climbed both a mountain
literally and metaphorically. And you? What's your mountain? 

Gifted Boathouse // Hat 
Thrifted // Sweater
Thrifted // Jeans
Vintage // Camera Bag
Vintage // Boots

Sunday, January 18, 2015

DIY Satchel

Am I ever excited to share the latest DIY project: a satchel! My
major goal for 2015 - and the rest of my life - is to become more
self-sufficient. I'm not going to lie, at times it can seem overwhelming
and as if I'm not getting anywhere. But like the tortoise won the race,
slow and steady is the way to go! I had this thick wool fabric from an
old poncho I never wore and I've been trying to think of ways to use
it. The colours of the fabric remind me of Peruvian bags, so I went
in that direction. The satchel is pretty basic, but I love the fact that
my hands made it. Never doubt yourself! 
- Silly me, I forgot to picture the thread! I used white thread for
everything except the flap, for which I used a light purple. Colours
were chosen based on the colour of my fabric. I also used a thicker
thread, I like to do this when working with wool, which is heavier. 
- Cut fabric into a long rectangle. The length and width depends
on the size you would your satchel to be. 
- Along the length of fabric fold the sides inwards. How wide you
would like your satchel is up to you. Mine is 8 inches wide. Try to
make this as straight as possible. Tip: ironing the sides keeps them
in place and makes it much easier to work with. 
- Bring the bottom of your fabric up almost to the top. Leave fabric
at the top for your flap. Again, the length (or depth) of the satchel
is up to you. Mine is 11 inches. 
- Outside view of satchel-to-be. Sew back and front together, this 
is done by pulling the satchel inside out and sewing along the
outer sides. 
- The striped fabric made sewing in straight lines easy, this might
be more difficult to accomplish without stripes. 
- For the strap I used a wool fabric belt that came with a sweater.
Anything that is long and strong enough will work though - be
creative! I folded the belt in half and sewed that to each side of
the satchel. 
And that's it! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Like a Wolf

As each day passes Paul and I entertain the idea of moving north
more and more. With endless woods, non-bridged waters, and an
unforgiving terrain, its wildness calls to me. But one cannot fathom
living in the north, a land of snow and ice, without being friends
with the merciless winter. Where once I thought it was a season of
sleep and death, I have been proven wrong. My backyard displays
the nighttime dance between the rabbit, fox, and quail. There is
beauty to be found in the sparkling diamond effect of the snow.
Comfort is found in the familiar smell of burning wood and the
warmth of our homes. As long as I don warm fabrics and many
layers I can walk or play for hours in the snowy world. It may
not be an easy, carefree season, but I want to embrace winter
like a wolf rather than shy away from it like a bear. 

Gift // Hat 
Jacob // Shirt
Thrifted // Belt
Vintage // Skirt
Thrifted // Boots 

Friday, January 09, 2015

DIY Hanging Stick Wall Art

I've been seeing a lot stick wall art lately (see here, here, and here)
and decided to give it a go myself. I love the simplicity and how
dainty they are. I did mine a bit different from my inspirations,
with a sea-side themed bedroom and bathroom this was the
perfect opportunity for me to use my collected beach objects. 
The more I make our house a home the more I think about where
things come from and what they're made of. When my life ends I
don't want there to be a pile of my stuff left behind, a stain on an
otherwise beautiful blank canvass. This project was made up of
natural materials and leftover bits. The sticks, one shell, and sea
urchin were all found at the beach (See craft collecting post from
the summer, good thing I thought ahead!). The puka shells are from
a broken necklace (remember those things?!), while the jute and
feathers are from Michael's. Now, I've been looking into the origin
of craft feathers. I must say, there is a lot to read. I think I am going
to try to find local bird-friendly feathers. If there's anyone in the
Cape Breton area, or even the whole of Canada, that has information
on this, please do share! 

The instructions are fairly simple for this: just tie everything to the
stick with the jute! I added the beads so that the knot would be
hidden and to tuck the feathers tips in. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The Woes of a Bleeding Heart

With a heavy heart and tearful eye I make my way through life.

I feel for the chopped down tree; I feel for it as if it were my own
skin being sliced open by the sharp blade of an ax.

I feel for the hunted animal; I feel for them as if it were my own
brothers and sisters being gunned down. 

I feel for the weakened soil; I feel for it as if it were my own
nutrients being unceremoniously taken from my body.

I feel for the bird and fish; I feel for them and know their pain
for it is our air and water that is being polluted. 

Some call it silly, some call it weak, others call it a Buddhist trait.
I call it an understanding of the interconnected world. 

Thrifted // Hat
Garage Sale // Scarf
Thrifted // Shirt
Vintage // Skirt
Thrifted // Belt
Vintage // Boots
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