Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The Amazing Reversible Skirt

Tired of your grandmother complaining about that "awful young
clothing?"  Meeting your boyfriend's grandparents for the first time?
Or are you simply trying to attract the attention of someone over 50? 

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then this skirt is
the skirt for you! 

On a more serious note: people born before the year 1965 LOVE
this skirt. I can't leave the house without both men and women alike
gushing over it. As far as I can gather, Highland Queen was quite a
popular Canadian brand back in the day - I do own three of their skirts
myself. Better yet, this baby is reversible! Yes, you read that right, ladies.
I feel as if all my other skirts are lacking now. I mean come on, two skirts
in one?! We're being cheated, we are. 

And it being spring and all, I threw in a bright yellow purse. 

Shirt, wedges, bag, necklace, belt // Thrifted
Highland Queen Reversible Skirt // Vintage

Sunday, May 03, 2015

The Phoenix Period

Helllllooooo! Is anyone there? Hmmm...the crickets have been
chirping for some time now, haven't they? To be expected, I did
leave without so much as a word - and a word is all I have in this
world of online communication. But here I am, after so many
months. And I of course come to you with a very innovative
outfit. White dress, black accessories.Who would have thought? 
It wasn't that I needed a break from blogging or anything,
not that I overly enjoy taking pictures in below zero temperatures,
but I went through what I dub a phoenix period. I'm in my twenties
after all and that's what this stage of life entails. It's not so much that
I see the world in a new light, but more what I can offer and do. Some
of my goals and desires in life have changed - for the better I believe.

 I applied to be a vendor at my local farmers' market and got accepted.
My debut was yesterday and it went amazingly well! I make woven wall
hangings, dream catchers, and mini woven necklaces (like the one I'm
wearing). It's been a lot of fun and I've lately been experimenting with
natural dyes, using birch bark, coffee, raspberry, and crap apple bark, to
colour my wool and cotton. Yeah, extremely fun stuff. 

Anyways, it's good to be back. 

Gift // Hat
Thrifted // Dress
Handmade (by me) // Chapawee
Vintage // Bag
Vintage // Boots 

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Apocalyptic Works of Martin Wittfooth




The Sacrifice

Pieta II 

Smoking Barrels 
To quote another artist I admire, Banksy once said, "Art should
comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable." While I may
have started this new art addition to my blog with Flora Forager's
bright cheery works, it's the thought-provoking satirical art that
I am most drawn to. And who doesn't have a million thoughts
rushing through their minds after looking at these eerily beautiful
oil on canvass paintings? Canadian Martin Wittfooth with his brush
perfectly captures modern sentiments about over-population and
industrialization. With the attention to detail and the emotion that
just oozes from these paintings, Wittfooth is easily a favourite of
mine. Click here for more of his works! 

Now go and listen to this song for me, please and thank you, 
thank you and please :) 


Friday, February 20, 2015

Natural Living: Earache Remedies

I thought I'd start a new addition to my blog, one that I care about
strongly. It seems that 'natural living' is continuing to grow in
popularity after it's short-lived decline (right? I mean, we've been
using this stuff for thousands of years!) I tend to turn to my garden
and kitchen before I go running to the doctor. So from now on I'll
be sharing with you some of my tried and true favourite natural
living health and beauty tips. This week's tip is for earaches. 
I personally don't ever get earaches, but Paul does. His allergies
cause him to have them fairly often and it's nice to have something
on hand at home to deal with the pain. This has been tried and tested
by him and he swears by it.  The main ingredient in these remedies
is the garlic, which has medicinal benefits. 


Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
(Organic is always better, but not necessary)

* My concoction is 8 tablespoons olive oil to 1 regular-sized
garlic clove.


1. Cut garlic into small pieces (about half the size of your pinky
finger nail). 

2. Let garlic sit for ten minutes, apparently this enhances the garlic's
health-promoting proprieties.  

3. Heat garlic and oil on stove on low for several minutes,
do not let it boil. 

4. Strain the oil so that there's no garlic pieces. 

5. Let cool. 

6. Then it's one drop to the affected ear once a day. 

If you don't feel comfortable putting something into your ear
then this second tip is more up your alley. 



* 1/3 cup salt to one regular sized garlic clove. 


1. Cut garlic into small pieces (about half the size of your pinky
finger nail). 

2. Let garlic sit for ten minutes, apparently this enhances the garlic's
health-promoting proprieties.  

3. Heat salt and garlic in a pan on the stove on low. You want it to be
warm but not hot. 

4. Put salt and garlic into a cloth bag (I used a finely-woven cheesecloth

5. Place pouch over the affected ear until the salt becomes cool. 
Repeat if necessary. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Put a Bow on It

I've recently come to the realization (and no worries, no one's offended)
that my blog and I are like fair weather friends. When the going gets tough
I'm nowhere to be seen. This winter has been particularly tough too -
or maybe we're just not used to the Atlantic coast. Our basement has
flooded seven times and we've had three snow days where everything
was closed. Think warm thoughts, think warm thoughts. But enough
about the darn weather, there are more pressing issues, such as my cute
bow! I'm not quite why sure this accessory didn't catch on with me
before, but it's quickly become a new favourite. I found it was the
perfect piece to liven this - in my opinion - rather drab blazer. Yeah,
the plaid is pretty and the wool warm, but it's just so - how do I say
this politely? - boring. Blazers and I may or may not have issues.

Thrifted // Shirt
GAP // Wool Blazer
Thrifted // Skirt
Le Chateau // Boots

Friday, February 06, 2015

Children Know Best

I recall reading once that one way to stay young (or at least feel
young) is to act like a kid. Now that's not to say we should all
throw a temper tantrum the next time we don't get our way. But
remember when we used to skip, dance, hop, run, and jump?
For some reason perching on the arm of a couch was more
enjoyable than actually sitting on the cushion. Why walk when
running could get you there so much faster? I used to spin around
and around in circles until I felt sick to my stomach. Anyone with
me or was I just fed too much candy as a child? So in honour of
this wonderful tidbit of advice, P and I gathered all that fluffy
snow that fell from the sky last night and piled it higher than
our heads, and we placed that pile in front of our roof. Climbed
up onto the icy roof we did and then we jumped. It was if I were
landing on a bed of clouds and for a moment my body was
weightless. I believe I shall be thinking like a child more often! 

Thrifted Belt
Thrifted Beret
DIY Necklace
Thrifted Jacob Wool Sweater
Thrifted Charming Charlie Dress
Thrifted Leg Warmers
Thrifted Made in Bulgaria Boots

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

DIY Stick Frames

If two things could be said about me without a doubt it would be:
1) I love a rustic home and 2) the words waste not want not is my
mantra. That's why these stick frames and re-purposed agenda art
is a total win-win in my books. These frames are wonderful if
you're looking for an easy and inexpensive do-it-yourself way
to do a gallery wall. 

The steps to this are pretty easy: just glue the picture to the
cardboard backing and then glue the sticks to the cardboard.
You can use any kind of stick or twig, I used drift wood as
well as birch. Your frame can be a flush rectangle or the
sticks can cross over one another - options are endless! Cut
off whatever cardboard is showing. If you'd like to hang
them glue some jute on each side of the top. 

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Those Stir Crazy Days

If I keep telling myself that I love winter I think it may very well
come true. It's taking everything I've got to forget those carefree
barefoot summer days. I just want the sun!  I mean come on,
look how pale my face has become - it's beyond the help of
simple bronzer at this point. I need and want the warmth of
the sun so bad I'm ready to make like Rapunzel's mother and
hand over my first born. Too bad there's no witch to make this
bet with. Notice: Calling all witches, I will trade my unborn
first child for summer again. And this is the boiling point of
sanity. I have now ventured into the land of raving lunatics....
It's a shame the only 'wild' places left in the world have such
extreme weather. Stay warm, my friends!

Gifted // Wool Hat
 Jacob // Wool Sweater
Thrifted // Silk Skirt 
Thrifted // Bolo tie 
Thrifted // Belt 
Vintage // Leather Boots 

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Art of Flora Forager

When I joined Instagram just a couple of months ago - I know,
only a wee bit late to jump on that wagon - one of the first people
I began to follow was @flora.forager.  Her cheerful creations
transport me to sunny days spent walking through fields with
the tall grass tickling my legs, which is much welcomed during
this bone-chilling month. What I love most is her use of the
natural world around her to depict the beauty of nature. And
her ability to maintain originality day after day never ceases
to amaze me either; from animals and birds, to landscapes,
to messages, to abstract art.  Her work simply makes me happy. 

For more of Flora Forager's work visit or
follow her on Instagram - you'll be glad you did! 

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