Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The Amazing Reversible Skirt

Tired of your grandmother complaining about that "awful young
clothing?"  Meeting your boyfriend's grandparents for the first time?
Or are you simply trying to attract the attention of someone over 50? 

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then this skirt is
the skirt for you! 

On a more serious note: people born before the year 1965 LOVE
this skirt. I can't leave the house without both men and women alike
gushing over it. As far as I can gather, Highland Queen was quite a
popular Canadian brand back in the day - I do own three of their skirts
myself. Better yet, this baby is reversible! Yes, you read that right, ladies.
I feel as if all my other skirts are lacking now. I mean come on, two skirts
in one?! We're being cheated, we are. 

And it being spring and all, I threw in a bright yellow purse. 

Shirt, wedges, bag, necklace, belt // Thrifted
Highland Queen Reversible Skirt // Vintage

Sunday, May 03, 2015

The Phoenix Period

Helllllooooo! Is anyone there? Hmmm...the crickets have been
chirping for some time now, haven't they? To be expected, I did
leave without so much as a word - and a word is all I have in this
world of online communication. But here I am, after so many
months. And I of course come to you with a very innovative
outfit. White dress, black accessories.Who would have thought? 
It wasn't that I needed a break from blogging or anything,
not that I overly enjoy taking pictures in below zero temperatures,
but I went through what I dub a phoenix period. I'm in my twenties
after all and that's what this stage of life entails. It's not so much that
I see the world in a new light, but more what I can offer and do. Some
of my goals and desires in life have changed - for the better I believe.

 I applied to be a vendor at my local farmers' market and got accepted.
My debut was yesterday and it went amazingly well! I make woven wall
hangings, dream catchers, and mini woven necklaces (like the one I'm
wearing). It's been a lot of fun and I've lately been experimenting with
natural dyes, using birch bark, coffee, raspberry, and crap apple bark, to
colour my wool and cotton. Yeah, extremely fun stuff. 

Anyways, it's good to be back. 

Gift // Hat
Thrifted // Dress
Handmade (by me) // Chapawee
Vintage // Bag
Vintage // Boots 

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Apocalyptic Works of Martin Wittfooth




The Sacrifice

Pieta II 

Smoking Barrels 
To quote another artist I admire, Banksy once said, "Art should
comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable." While I may
have started this new art addition to my blog with Flora Forager's
bright cheery works, it's the thought-provoking satirical art that
I am most drawn to. And who doesn't have a million thoughts
rushing through their minds after looking at these eerily beautiful
oil on canvass paintings? Canadian Martin Wittfooth with his brush
perfectly captures modern sentiments about over-population and
industrialization. With the attention to detail and the emotion that
just oozes from these paintings, Wittfooth is easily a favourite of
mine. Click here for more of his works! 

Now go and listen to this song for me, please and thank you, 
thank you and please :) 

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