Monday, May 26, 2014

Urban Jungle

Where has the time gone?! This weekend was gone in a blink of an eye and has
left me absolutely pooped. On Saturday me, Paul, and a couple of friends hit
up the Great Glebe Garage Sale. It was huge! We were there from nine to two
and we still didn't see half the tables. It's a yearly event and takes place in the 
wealthy side of town (which translates to amazing finds). That's where I scored
this cuff bracelet for a whole 25 cents. Come on. They're practically giving it to
me! Garage sales have just begun too - it's definitely a perk of summer. And on
Sunday night me Paul, and some friends took full advantage of the summer like
weather we've been luckily receiving and sipped cold beverages on a restaurant
patio. Nothing beats feeling the cool breeze, being surrounded by good company
and sipping fruity drinks! Would I be in heaven if it were like this all year 'round?!

And tomorrow Paul and I pick up the moving truck.  We'll pack all of our
worldly belongings into a giant mobile box, and Wednesday morning this little
family (consisting of  two fur balls) is east bound! Looks like this is sort of a
farewell to the city post. They say to live in a city is unnatural for humans. I have
always found this to be odd; being born in 1988, I've only really seen humans exist
in cities. To sit in a chair or stare at a computer screen for an extended period of
time is not natural. But it's done. Why has it become a rare sight to see someone
hang their clothes out on the line? Or to see someone step into their garden feeling
the cool earth beneath their feet and with their very own hands pick food from a
plant they've grown? Maybe I was never meant for a city. They also say different
strokes for different folks. Looks like I'm joining the ocean-side village folk!
Thrifted // Floppy Hat
Thrifted // Lace Dress
Thrifted // Pleated Skirt
Thrifted // Belt
Vintage (Re-did the strap) // Purse 
Spring // Flats

Friday, May 23, 2014

Almost All Canadian

Happy Friday, my friend! You'll be seeing a lot more of me now, now that the
weather has made it comfortable for picture taking AND Paul has finished his
old job and in a couple of weeks will start as a transcriptionist like moi! People
keep asking us if we're going to get sick and tired of each other both working at
home together. I suppose that's a valid question... for most people.  But this is
Paul and we've been best-friends since we were 17! If I haven't gotten sick and
tired of him yet, I doubt I will now! I'm also really looking forward to the ability
we now have to create ourselves a little homestead. We've been  looking into
into raising our own chickens and I found some great mum and pop businesses
that sell non-GMO seeds.  My mom and I will each grow our own veggies and
fruits and then trade what the other didn't grow. I couldn't be more ecstatic! 
And now on to the clothes. Yes, this has to be one of my favourite outfits ever.
I was over the moon when I discovered this skirt whilst thrifting - anything that
can be paired with brown is a winner in my books! And although I absolutely
adore this clutch, there's something about animal print. I'm rather hesitant when it
comes to animal print, I find there's a very fine line between hoochie mama and
classy lady, but this clutch is the perfect subtle accessory.  It's also one of the
only things I own that is made in Canada (and those items are all vintage). It's
a reminder of the days before the death of craftsmanship and integrity and the
beginning of large scale across-seas factories with conditions only our worst
nightmares could imagine.  Maybe that's what makes me love it all the more! 
Thrifted // Floppy Hat
Jacob // Shirt
Forever 21 // Necklace
Thrifted // Belt
Thrifted // Skirt
DIY // Bracelet 
Vintage Browns // Purse 
Spring // Flats 
Thrifted // Kobe's Bandanna 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

DIY: Handmade Floral Crown

The sun is out and the grass is green - it's time to put on that pretty summer dress
and don a floral crown! These little things are magical.  As soon as you place one
upon your head you are instantly transported to another realm. Angels are singing
and harps are playing. All you desire is a meadow to run through deliriously happy.
It may be no secret that I dream of being a mischievous fairy working  for Mama N!

Living in a big city I feel that my floral crowns clash worse than a gangsta at a
Renaissance fair. In a little over a week I will live in a house with a forest to the
left of me and the Atlantic ocean to the right of me and no longer shall I feel out
of place with my wanna-be fairy princess 'tude. I have three floral crowns made
from the usual faux-flowers, but when perusing Pinterest I came across these
delicate floral crowns made from wire and nail polish - how original! Since this is
not my original idea and I very much stuck to the instructions given by someone
else, I'll just give the link (here) and just show my finished project. These were a
tad more difficult than the fake flower crowns and took a hell of a lot more time,
but the end result is totally worth the work! Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Flowers here, Flowers there, Flowers Everywhere!

The first long weekend has passed, a herald of summer! Life has been so busy
lately I'm surprised I even have time to stop and smell the flowers. Moving can
really consume your life. Thankfully, this past weekend we were blessed with
deliciously warm weather - a perfect opportunity for a bike ride through the Tulip
Festival and to the Experimental Farm (a glorified tree/plant museum).  The sights and
smells - oh, it was enough to make any naturalist giddy, although, simultaneously
sadly reminding me of Joni Mitchell's Paved Paradise. I've always dreamed of
having a perfume-scented floral tree planted right underneath my bedroom window,
for every day I'd wake up to such a pleasant aroma. Now that I'm leaving the city
behind me my dreams are that much closer to becoming reality! 
Thrifted/DIY // Shirt
GAP // Skirt
Spring // Shoes

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Tale of a Wanna-be Fairy Princess

Ladies, I am in love! And right now, that's all I want to talk about. Just look at
this skirt! It's so ladylike and delicate, isn't it? I was surprised to stumble across
such a mass amount of stain-free white fabric - the joys of second-hand shopping. I
could live in this skirt. Instead of walking, I shall now spin about like a ballerina so
that my skirt can twirl and I can feel like a fairy princess. Did I just hear a request
for a week of remixing this skirt?! Have I mentioned that I have telepathic abilities
Thrifted // Shirt
Thrifted // Belt
Thrifted // Skirt
Aldo // Flats
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