Monday, May 26, 2014

Urban Jungle

Where has the time gone?! This weekend was gone in a blink of an eye and has
left me absolutely pooped. On Saturday me, Paul, and a couple of friends hit
up the Great Glebe Garage Sale. It was huge! We were there from nine to two
and we still didn't see half the tables. It's a yearly event and takes place in the 
wealthy side of town (which translates to amazing finds). That's where I scored
this cuff bracelet for a whole 25 cents. Come on. They're practically giving it to
me! Garage sales have just begun too - it's definitely a perk of summer. And on
Sunday night me Paul, and some friends took full advantage of the summer like
weather we've been luckily receiving and sipped cold beverages on a restaurant
patio. Nothing beats feeling the cool breeze, being surrounded by good company
and sipping fruity drinks! Would I be in heaven if it were like this all year 'round?!

And tomorrow Paul and I pick up the moving truck.  We'll pack all of our
worldly belongings into a giant mobile box, and Wednesday morning this little
family (consisting of  two fur balls) is east bound! Looks like this is sort of a
farewell to the city post. They say to live in a city is unnatural for humans. I have
always found this to be odd; being born in 1988, I've only really seen humans exist
in cities. To sit in a chair or stare at a computer screen for an extended period of
time is not natural. But it's done. Why has it become a rare sight to see someone
hang their clothes out on the line? Or to see someone step into their garden feeling
the cool earth beneath their feet and with their very own hands pick food from a
plant they've grown? Maybe I was never meant for a city. They also say different
strokes for different folks. Looks like I'm joining the ocean-side village folk!
Thrifted // Floppy Hat
Thrifted // Lace Dress
Thrifted // Pleated Skirt
Thrifted // Belt
Vintage (Re-did the strap) // Purse 
Spring // Flats


  1. I think about that a lot--like how strange it is that now we grow up with all this technology, but humans are also different in that they adapt to situations and have intelligence and all sorts of other argueable things, and in the end I guess it's just what we like the best. I read a book where this chick time travels back to 18th century Ireland and she's just noting how different it is from the present: always quiet, no pollution, no lights except for torches, etc; but then on the other hand, diseases are hard to cure, and common luxury food items are not experienced, like we can walk ten minutes to a grocery store and get imported grapes from Venice and it's totally not a big deal.

    WHOA RAMBLE!!!!!

    Okay, so your outfit: DUDEUUDE you are so cute always. You look like you were meant to live in a not-city-place, if that helps you at all. ;) Your skirt is absolutely darling and such a pretty color! And 25 cents for a bracelet is fan-frickin-tastic, bruh.

  2. Would you like to follow each other on GFC, bloglovin, instagram and lookbook?
    follow me and follow you back =)

  3. Right?? I've often had this conversation with friends. What is happening to our generation? What kind of world will the next generation grow up in? It's frightening to think about where we're heading. I barely caught the last whiff of non-technology, and it's probably thanks to my old school parents that I got outside and appreciate doing things with my hands and just enjoying the outdoors.
    I think you're moving in the right direction girly!
    LOVE this stinking cute outfit too. The pleated skirt, the floppy hat, just EVERYTHING. I want it all <3 Lol good luck with the move!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. love this skirt

  5. This skirt is beautiful and I love your hat.

  6. I have to say I was definitely never meant for the city. My dad's a surfer and both of my parents have always been more on the hippie side. I grew up playing outside pretty much 24/7. I mean, we did have a computer and plenty of video games, but most of the time we just preferred being outside. And I'm still the same way. I need to be out in the sun and grass and at the beach as much as possible.

    You look adorable as always! I love your skirt and hat. And hurrah for garage sales!

    Hope your move is going well!!

  7. I am in LOVE with this skirt! It's seriously perfect.

    Good luck with the move! :)


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