Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Flowers here, Flowers there, Flowers Everywhere!

The first long weekend has passed, a herald of summer! Life has been so busy
lately I'm surprised I even have time to stop and smell the flowers. Moving can
really consume your life. Thankfully, this past weekend we were blessed with
deliciously warm weather - a perfect opportunity for a bike ride through the Tulip
Festival and to the Experimental Farm (a glorified tree/plant museum).  The sights and
smells - oh, it was enough to make any naturalist giddy, although, simultaneously
sadly reminding me of Joni Mitchell's Paved Paradise. I've always dreamed of
having a perfume-scented floral tree planted right underneath my bedroom window,
for every day I'd wake up to such a pleasant aroma. Now that I'm leaving the city
behind me my dreams are that much closer to becoming reality! 
Thrifted/DIY // Shirt
GAP // Skirt
Spring // Shoes


  1. Oh man, moving.. I just did it in December and hope to not do it again for a long time!! You look great and I'm glad you had some time to enjoy the beautiful spring!! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  2. I rode my bike this past weekend too! Spring is so perfect for that. These flowers are gorgeous. And you look amazing in this checkered shirt :)


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