Thursday, September 25, 2014

Reader on the Roof

It's official, autumn is here.  At this point every fashion, photography,
and food blogger can be seen twirling joyfully like Maria in The Sound
of Music (sans the mountains and song-bird voice). In the land of four
seasons - not to be confused with the 1960's American band that shares
the same name - everyone celebrates the death of nature. This is most
evident through the smiles we display whenever we hear that crunch
of dead leaves beneath our feet - oh, how sadistic our pleasures can be!
I'm no different than the rest of them, my uniqueness does not apply
to autumn, I too get school-girl giddy over the season. Who doesn't
love the ability to layer after a summer of relentless heat? I know
I do - I mean, boy, can Canada ever get hot! This is the time of year
we all get that itch to bake. Cooling temperatures are less apparent
when you're boiling up in the kitchen from all that heat emanating
from the oven. And speaking of autumnal baking and cooking, our
desire to be in the kitchen revolves around the basic human need to
fatten ourselves up before winter - let us not pretend it is anything
but! Before the age of grocery stores with their never-ending supplies
winters were hard and people actually died. This is what my mind
turns to when I think of autumn - that and red, lots and lots of red. 
Glasses c/o Firmoo
All else thrifted

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Must Love Dogs

This is Hunter, my brother's five month old Siberian Husky. From
how I talk about Kobe (who may have been jealous he wasn't chosen
for pictures) it may come as no surprise that I come from a dog-lovin'
family. Ever since I was a baby we've had a dog in the house. I moved
around a lot when I was younger (stopped counting at 25 houses), but
the family beagle, Charlie, was always there with me. He sat with me,
he walked with me, and he licked my tears when I cried. He died when
I was 16 and to this day the thought of my furry best friend brings tears
to my eyes.  When I moved out on my own there were two things that
stuck out to me: how I needed to buy houseplants for that homey feel
and how quiet my place was sans a dog. Despite the countless protests
and warnings from family and friends I went and got myself a little
pup. Being twenty, I understood where people were coming from;
it's hard work to have a dog. Although I have given up a lot just to
own a dog (I once dreamed of teaching overseas), I couldn't imagine
my life without Kobe in it. Having a family that only Shameless
makes me count my blessings, it has been wonderful having some
stability in my life, some unconditional love in my life. A dog is a
faithful companion, one that will greet you with a happy face and a
wagging tail. Dogs don't criticize or hold any prejudices, their joys
are simple and their lives carefree.  I cherish the moments I have
with my dog, whether it be the cuddle on the couch, the peaceful
walk on the beach or through the woods, or how he lies down beside
me resting his head on my feet. As the saying goes, " A dog is
the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself."
Thrifted  // Floral Dress
American Apparel // Blue Dress
Thrifted // Hat
Thrifted // Boots

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The 21st Century

Almost on an everyday basis I am grateful for my existence being of
the 21st century. Majoring in history while in university, I've been
to my fair share of school get-togethers where the topical question
of what-decade-would-you-chose was posed. I would reply to the
question with a question, oh-so wittingly I would ask, am I a man
or a woman? While each period in time has its alluring factors, I
can't help but feel that longing for a past era has an air of hopeless
sadness to it - think Marion Cotillard and Owen Wilson in Midnight
in Paris. As I grow older I appreciate what living in the 21st century
entails; a forbidding of violence, freedom of thought - to a certain
degree, modern conveniences, improved health care, a growing 
acceptance of the world's differences, et cetera. What has come a
long way from the humble beginnings of animal loincloth is fashion.
We all know this. We've seen the torturous constricting corsets made
of whalebone. We've seen the white powered wigs. We've heard of
the days of only being in possession of a few dresses. This is the 21st
century though, an age of individualism. Stepping out of your house
you might see a woman with cotton candy hair, another may don a
floral crown like a blushing pagan maid.  We have our Audreys and
our Marilyns. We have long skirts, short skirts, full skirts, and tube
skirts. And if skirts are not for you, then you have jeans, cargo pants,
slacks, and dress pants. It's a giant melting pot of styles! I do say, we're
pretty lucky to have such choice and the ability for such indulgences.
My brother's five month old husky puppy. 
DIY // Floral Crown
All else Thrifted

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The White Fence

There's just something about white fences, whether it be a picket fence
or a horse fence, that causes you to experience an overwhelming sense
of nostalgia. They symbolize comfort and simplicity. They conjure up
images of a manicured suburban home or a quaint pastoral setting. They
turn our minds to ideas of tranquility, calm, and the American dream.
If there's anytime of year that we sentimentally yearn for days of past,
it has to be autumn. With all the delicious baked goods we're brought
back to the kitchens of  mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers.
With nature being the center of attention during its time of change
we're brought back to a period in human history when nature was our
master. When the mornings and nights are brisk and each day we have
less sun, we're brought back to our childhoods and the first days of school
where we donned our blindingly white new shoes. Isn't it remarkable how
each season connotes varying and specific meanings and sentiments?
Thrifted // Hat
Thrifted // Dress
Thrifted // Belt 
Spring // Flats

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Summer's Flower

New life plan: become a sunflower farmer. How beautiful life would
be to wake up in the morning and see hundreds of sunny faces smiling
happily at me. These cheerful flowers would be my friends and family.
They would bring joy to each and every day. They would bring new
meaning to simplicity. My music would be the murmur of the bees and
the leaves rustling in the wind. My hands would be covered in dirt and
I would exclaim that my fingernails are never clean. At night, on the
porch of my farm house that overlooked my fields of yellow, I would
 sit in my wooden rocking chair and bask in the night's warm breeze.
Care to join me in my overly romanticized world?

And now back to reality. Autumn is just around the corner, and the
signs are beginning to show. Some trees are eager to change and their
tips are the colour of fire. The nights are reminiscent of the peak of
summer, but the nights hold a coldness to them that has me bundling
up for warmth. The farmer's market has exploded with apples and
pumpkins, and pies of both. Fields are full of rolled hay and yards
are full of cut wood.  While I do find myself drawn towards
warmer colours, I'm not ready for the tights, boots, or sweaters just
yet.  I want cute flats and bare arms and legs. The time for layering
will come, there's no doubt about that. On a recent thrifting outing
it would appear that autumn was on my mind, for everything I chose
belonged to the brown colour spectrum, such as this linen dress. 
Often considered a drab colour, I find brown to be down-to-earth.
Just say these colours out loud: burnt sienna, caramel, coffee, copper,
chocolate, chestnut. Doesn't that make you all warm inside - and maybe
a bit hungry? I'm happy though, autumn seems to be the only time
of year that wearing brown actually gets you compliments!
All items thrifted

Friday, September 05, 2014

Mountain Mania

I'm torn. And no, not torn a la Natalie Imbruglia circa 1997. I'm
torn between wanting to be a mermaid and swim the world's waters
for the rest of my life and wanting to be a mountain nomad.  I don't
think it helps that I'm listening to William Elliot Whitmore's deep
husky voice and the playing of his banjo. Paul would run into the
woods and never come out if he had his way. Kobe, I think he'd
pick the ocean - being a baby city dog, he's actually kind of afraid
of deep, dark forests. Maybe this island is ideal, an island of 
equilibrium.  And although these mountains don't compare to those of
British Columbia, where the tips seem to tickle the clouds, these
are remarkable in their own right. These photos are from our way
back home, driving again along the Cabot Trail. This time we made
stops at quaint shops nestled between trees up in the mountains and
drove through more small fishing villages that hugged the coastline.
Every minute of this drive was spectacular and breathtaking, and I
think we're going to come to come back in the heart of autumn when
the mountains are exploding with colour. Just imagine the sights!
- Oh, do I have plans for you, lobster trap. - 
Thrifted // Jean Jacket
Thrifted // Shirt
Thrifted // Skirt
The Artful Badger // Necklace
Gifts from Paul // Rings
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