Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Colours of Chéticamp

Over the weekend me, Paul, and our furry friend, Kobe, toured the
Cabot Trail and went camping. The Cabot Trail is an incredible scenic
drive in the more northern part of Cape Breton. It is named after John
Cabot, or Giovanni Caboto, who explored Atlantic Canada in the 15th
century. This  297 km drive brings you along the coastline, through dense
forests and over mountains. The sights are spectacular, my words will do
no justice, and I think it's the only trip where the driving is the best part.
It's also worldly famous, we met people from California to Japan. I
haven't done the drive since I was little and felt that I really needed to
since my column revolves around things to do in Cape Breton. These
photos are from the first half of our adventure, a little Acadian town
near our campground. Although we have a wood burning stove in
our house (and I have roasted marshmallows way more often than I
would like to admit) it was wonderful to sit in darkness with nothing
but a campfire for lighting. I thought moving to a small town of less
than 1,000 people would allow me to see the stars, but man, was I
wrong! With no cities near by and barely any illumination the sky
was filled with an abundance of stars! I couldn't help but think that
a mischievous god had stolen a bag of diamonds and dropped them.
- To get one of Cheticamp's two lighthouses we needed to drive
through this field of cows. They were everywhere and some
were only a foot away from the car! This little baby cow was
telling Kobe to back off, and quite loudly I might add. -
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  1. Stunning! <3 I'm loving your second picture - it looks like adventure is on the horizon.

    Your description of the stars really makes me want to find a place like this. :-)

  2. A roadtrip, how exciting! Can't wait to do that in Australia with Jarryd too! :D
    I also wish I would be able to roadtrip through beautiful Canada one fine day! You have such amazing landscape there! And aaaw this lighthouse is so picturesque! Love how your outfit matches its colours! <3

    I know you already know, but in case anyone else reads this: theres a GIVEAWAY on my blog folks! ;p

  3. Red and stripes-classic indeed. Love the backdrop for this too; it looks like a fun visit.


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