Sunday, September 21, 2014

Must Love Dogs

This is Hunter, my brother's five month old Siberian Husky. From
how I talk about Kobe (who may have been jealous he wasn't chosen
for pictures) it may come as no surprise that I come from a dog-lovin'
family. Ever since I was a baby we've had a dog in the house. I moved
around a lot when I was younger (stopped counting at 25 houses), but
the family beagle, Charlie, was always there with me. He sat with me,
he walked with me, and he licked my tears when I cried. He died when
I was 16 and to this day the thought of my furry best friend brings tears
to my eyes.  When I moved out on my own there were two things that
stuck out to me: how I needed to buy houseplants for that homey feel
and how quiet my place was sans a dog. Despite the countless protests
and warnings from family and friends I went and got myself a little
pup. Being twenty, I understood where people were coming from;
it's hard work to have a dog. Although I have given up a lot just to
own a dog (I once dreamed of teaching overseas), I couldn't imagine
my life without Kobe in it. Having a family that only Shameless
makes me count my blessings, it has been wonderful having some
stability in my life, some unconditional love in my life. A dog is a
faithful companion, one that will greet you with a happy face and a
wagging tail. Dogs don't criticize or hold any prejudices, their joys
are simple and their lives carefree.  I cherish the moments I have
with my dog, whether it be the cuddle on the couch, the peaceful
walk on the beach or through the woods, or how he lies down beside
me resting his head on my feet. As the saying goes, " A dog is
the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself."
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  1. Oh my goodness, he's an absolute beauty! I've been absolutely dying for a kitten to feel some of that same companionship and love, but my dad hates animals and is suggesting I should move out if I really want one, haha. Looks like I need to wait a tad bit longer! And you've lived in over 25 houses?! Why did you guys move around a lot?

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. the way you styled these two dresses is perfect! this post is my favorite, because i can SO connect. my dog is my very best friend. i know that i've given up a lot to have him, but he is so worth it. i can't imagine my life without him! dogs are definitely a great source of love & comfort.



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