Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The 21st Century

Almost on an everyday basis I am grateful for my existence being of
the 21st century. Majoring in history while in university, I've been
to my fair share of school get-togethers where the topical question
of what-decade-would-you-chose was posed. I would reply to the
question with a question, oh-so wittingly I would ask, am I a man
or a woman? While each period in time has its alluring factors, I
can't help but feel that longing for a past era has an air of hopeless
sadness to it - think Marion Cotillard and Owen Wilson in Midnight
in Paris. As I grow older I appreciate what living in the 21st century
entails; a forbidding of violence, freedom of thought - to a certain
degree, modern conveniences, improved health care, a growing 
acceptance of the world's differences, et cetera. What has come a
long way from the humble beginnings of animal loincloth is fashion.
We all know this. We've seen the torturous constricting corsets made
of whalebone. We've seen the white powered wigs. We've heard of
the days of only being in possession of a few dresses. This is the 21st
century though, an age of individualism. Stepping out of your house
you might see a woman with cotton candy hair, another may don a
floral crown like a blushing pagan maid.  We have our Audreys and
our Marilyns. We have long skirts, short skirts, full skirts, and tube
skirts. And if skirts are not for you, then you have jeans, cargo pants,
slacks, and dress pants. It's a giant melting pot of styles! I do say, we're
pretty lucky to have such choice and the ability for such indulgences.
My brother's five month old husky puppy. 
DIY // Floral Crown
All else Thrifted


  1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog - it genuinely made my day :) and what a lovely blog you have here too - and this outfit is so feminine and gorgeous! Not to mention, dogs are one of my favourite things in the world and puppies are probably my absolute favourite, above and beyond anything else. So basically, an outfit shot with a husky puppy is the best thing I've seen in a long time. Possibly ever in terms of outfit posts ;) CC x

  2. This is so lovely! You look fantastic in red <3 Aaah, I always wanted a husky when I was a kid. What a gorgeous pup!

  3. I had no idea that corsets were made from WHALE BONE. That is crazy and explains why they were so constricing--I mean bone on bone has some power, dude.

    Anyway, Sam, these pictures are just gorgeous! Augh, you are such a dream. A red flower crown is so lovely and you wear it so well. <3


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