Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy All Hallow's Eve! It only seems appropriate to dedicate a whole post
entirely to Halloween, for it is my favourite time of year. Oh, how I miss running
from house to house with my sister, eager to get to as many as possible before
the porch lights were turned off signifying the end of the night. I can still vividly
remember how excited I was to see Hocus Pocus in the theatre with my older
brother and mom, and how much it frightened me at the time. I'm proud to say
it no longer scares me! Or the joy in deciding to be absolutely anything my little
heart desired for a night - although I still feel like that to this day. And while I did as
much Halloween-ish stuff as I could (pumpkin decorating and carving, dressing up,
eating lots of candy), the night isn't quite as magical as it was when I was a kid. I'm
guessing that's what parents do, they get to experience the joys of being a kid for a
second time witnessing their child's innocence and excitement.  I dressed Kobe up
and brought him door to door, hoping we could join in on the trick or treating, but
people were just not having it. C'mon, dogs can totally eat chocolate.  Anyways, off
I go now to watch Zombieland with some friends and eat myself sick with candy! 
I hope you have wonderful (and spooky, if that's your kind of thing) Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Azul y Argyle

Yes. A little bit Spanish. A little bit English. No rules here.  And I'm not sure if you know, but no one really speaks Spanish in Canada. Other than Kobe's demands I get no practice. Dilemma.
So, it's the day before Halloween! I'm definitely getting into the spirit. Last night,
Paul and I carved the larger pumpkin and drew on the smaller ones while watching
Shaun of the Dead. I'm not one for horror movies - if I want to see some scary shit
I'll turn the news on. Although, maybe Toronto or Vancouver's news, 'cause there
isn't all that much crime here. Last week I think we had murder number nine in
2013.  Anyways... and tomorrow my sister, Allie, and I are going to some zombie
thing, which should be a hoot! And while by Halloween it has usually snowed, the
forecast for tomorrow is +14. Yes. 14. No mistype there. Now that is an Indian
Summer.  And to think: all those ladies in their hoochie costumes won't be cold!
I'm excited to finally get to wear this argyle skirt I redid during the summer in
autumn, for it's definitely better suited for the latter. Not to mention the wool
keeps me nice and toasty warm (wool skirts and summer? Not the best mix).
Click here to see how this skirt looked in its original condition. I think I might go
and dig out the few pairs of pants I own. Today I met up with my friend M and
whenever I see her I'm always like, dang girl, how do you make those jeans
look so darn good! Personally,  I haven't worn pants in the longest time.
I'm just naturally drawn to the romantic, whimsical, ladylike essence of skirts and
dresses. Maybe it's time for something new though. At least for a day. 
Thrifted // Sweater
DIY/Thrifted // Skirt
Thrifted // Belt
Thrifted // Bolo Tie
Le Chateau // Boots
Scotland Souvenir // Necklace 
Magnolia // Silver Leaf Ring
Thrifted // Wool Hat
Fancy Sox // Tights 
Thrifted // Feather Ring
(And geebies! That sure is a list!)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

In Vino Veritas

Why, hello hello. I give my apologies for my mini
absence - I've been one busy bee over here! On
Friday, Paul and I went to a Halloween party and
on Saturday, I went to one with some friends. I
was lacking in creativity this year, so I just
went with what my closet offered. Thankfully, my
time out west has left me with enough cowboy things
that I could create multiple costumes. And my mom
had made me a red cape years ago, so I just went
as Little Red Riding Hood again. I know, not very
clever or imaginative. Well, I have 12 months to
figure out what to wear next Halloween! 
Paul and I got lucky with there being an apple
orchard in the city, accessible by bus. There's no
pumpkin patch though, so instead we had to make
due with a local farmer's market (the next best
thing). And while we walked leisurely through
the rows of apple trees enjoying the sun and the
scenery, we chose pumpkins with the wind fiercely
blowing and the cold nipping at our fingers. So
bring on the boots and the over-sized sweaters! And
what says fall better than orange, black, and
brown?! Colours I could surely live in. I'm excited
to draw faces on the smaller pumpkins we bought and
carve the bigger one. I'm more for the silly, goofy 
faces as opposed to the scarier themed ones.

I'm not sure if I mentioned, but my little sister
came over we had a bit of a clothes swap. This
sweater is hers. And to think that once upon a
time we were constantly bickering, clothes often
being the reason. Just another gem of growing up! 
Thrifted // Bag
Fancy Sox // Tights
Thrifted // Belt
My Sister's // Sweater
Thrifted // Dress
Thrifted // Beret
Le Chateau // Boots
Thrifted // Wool Coat

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Page Turner: White Oleander

So. Here I am with book numero dos. I keep wondering
as to why I even started this thing, but I figure
it'll help me keep my reading up. Like so many things
in life, I don't read as much I used to nor as much
as I would like to. I'm hoping that I read a book
that you've read before and some conversation is
sparked! For this addition of Look, it's a Book
Ms. Fitch's novel is a little more well known than
the last one I covered - some of this is contributed
to Hollywood and Oprah I'm sure. 
Now, I don't want to be overly critical, because
I don't necessarily think this novel was lousy,
but I found it a little young for me. The only
reason I chose it anyways, was because it was
sitting on my shelf unread and I had nothing
else to undertake. That being said, the poetic
narrative was highly engrossing, which was what
saved me from putting it back on the shelf. 

You're going to see a pattern in my reading, that's
for sure. While I don't tend to stick to one 
genre, time period, or country for literature, I
have noticed a similarity in the books I've read.
There's something about the poor man's plight that
profoundly speaks to me. I myself come from a
relatively poor family and one could say there is a
sense of relation with the lower class characters
of the novels I read. In regards to this novel
specifically, while I've never been in foster
care I did spend part of my fifteenth year in a
group home. Although, Astrid, you had to deal with
drama I would never even want to wish upon my
worst enemy. *SPOILER* While I've never been shot,
living in a group home was not all peachy keen.
I remember most this girl named Olga; was she ever
miserable and did she ever torment me! Too many
times did I walk down the steps to my basement
bedroom to find my room in a state of a tornado's
aftermath. All my posters would be ripped off the
wall and thrown about the room in pieces. The drawers
of the dresser were taken out and my clothes were
strewn on the floor. Oh, and malicious Olga sure
did get a kick out of me mopping. She would come
and kick my bucket causing dirty water to spill
over the freshly cleaned floor. If only I had
little talking critters and I would be set to
star in my own Disney movie! It wasn't until
she threatened my life that she was removed from
 the home...How I hope you're chewing on some karma
now, Olga! I think there is some sort of self
satisfaction when you read about someone who has
a less than idea life. Well, maybe not exactly a
feeling of satisfaction, but you do tend to stop
being so harsh on yourself. Come on, anyone watch
Shameless? When I watch that show I instantly feel
as if my life is glamorous. 
You might be wondering: was it worth reading? 
Hmmm....if you're into that whole Lolita thing,
then yes. Personally, that book irked me beyond
belief. There's something about the loss of
one's innocence that deeply saddens me. If I
could forever wear my overalls riding my bike
with my sister pretending they were horses and
we were cowgirls, then I would. Life isn't like
that though. Girls grow up. We start to doubt
ourselves. My blonde hair, which had always been
a subject of compliment when I was young, was
dyed almost black due to the intense desire to
look like everyone else. I suppose I did take
something from this novel, which coincidentally
mirrors the last novel's theme: the empowerment
of women. Wouldn't my professors of my women's
studies classes be proud of me now! 

What will I be reading next?
by Raja Rao

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away

 (The skirt is even, the wind makes it look 
like one side is longer than the other - not so)
Eeeek! It's already the 22nd. I usually go all out
for Halloween, but this year I haven't even figured
out my costume yet. What about yourself? Any plans?
Costume ideas? Paul and I were thinking of going as
Walter White and Jesse. Yes. I would be Jesse. Now,
I'm not one for dressing like a playboy bunny, but
a boy? We'll see. I wanted to do Cersei, but the
dress would be so pricey! Maybe next year. My hair
will be longer by then anyways. And we know she will
still be topical, for Martin, when are you going to
publish the next book in the series?! It also gives
me time to practice her cold demeanor, and her face
that's like thunder. Back to the drawing board. 
When I was visiting my Mom this summer she gave me
a beach wrap. When I brought it back to Ottawa I
had little use for it since we lack beaches. Well,
we do have a few, but they're notoriously filthy.
Now it's got a new life as a skirt! I think perhaps
next time I'll pair it with some colour. This outfit
full of shades is kind of gloomy. I suppose it fit
this dismal rainy day though. 
DIY // Skirt
Le Chateau // Boots
Thrifted // Sweater
Thrifted // Belt
DIY //Legwarmers
My Sister's // Scarf
Thrifted // Floral Ring
Magnolia // Leaf Ring
DIY // Leaf Bracelet
Thrifted // Bracelets

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Más Que Nada

Brrr, it's getting cold! Plaid and chilly weather, well they go hand in
hand, don't they? This little plaid-tastic number was made with my
very own hands, true word.  No reworking something already in
existence, I made this one from a yard of fabric.  This was my very
first handmade skirt - or anything for that matter.  I went with the 
elastic waistband due to its simplicity.  I had originally made it about
four inches longer, but it didn't have enough shape to it for my petite
body and looked a bit like a brown paper bag. So I had to redo it. This
is when I start to get back into the sewing groove, with the weather
cooling down and hibernation beginning to set in.  Last winter I went
through all of the Terry Jones documentaries (if you like comedy and
history, this is for you!) while I sat at the table sewing away under the
light of the lamp. This is also why I have a lack of pictures for things
I create; I usually do it at 10 or 11, sitting in front of the tv, just awful
for photos. I'm quite proud of my handiwork though. With the little
pleats and the buttons. Yes, I may have given myself a high-five...
While I do so very much love the summer, there's not much better
than boots in regards to footwear.  My style is fairly girly, but I like to
wear something more hardy and substantial on my feet. I also like the
juxtaposition of a girly skirt with what I call my adventurer boots. I
find boots with laces are the best. They allow you to adjust if you are
wearing leg warmers rather than stretching already snug boots trying
to layer. I'm hoping to find a similar pair of boots in brown this season.
I've vowed to wear more of my scarves this year.  Take this one here,
never worn before, but I've had it for years. I honestly have enough
scarves to wear a different one every day for three months. I wish I
could say I'm exaggerating, for I'm starting to think I have a hoarding
problem, but sadly enough I'm not.  One of the reasons I have so many
scarves is because of mi amiga, Grisel. When she moved back to Mexico
City she gave me all of her knit and thicker scarves.  Pretty much all
of the ones that kept her warm during Canada's intense winters, which
would be of little use to her in Mexico's heat. This is one of those.
Vintage Boots
Handmade Skirt
Thrifted Top
Gifted Scarf 
Le Chateau Jacket 
Thrifted Bag

Thursday, October 17, 2013

To Repel or Not to Repel

There's something about animal print that makes me feel a bit hoochie.
The skirt being skin-tight doesn't help either. Put me on Dalhousie Street
and I'll fit right in. (A topical joke for any fellow Ottawans) Although, I'm
not sure hookers wear flats. Not that I fraternize with any ladies of the
night. However, if I might add, flats are probably a better idea than
stilettos. You can run away faster if a john gets scary. I'm just saying.
I tried to tone the print down with a simple knit sweater. The bright
orange tights might bring me back up though. This probably all in my
head. Like all the other voices no one else can hear....
 On the topic of bright orange tights, I was watching something on tv 
today regarding what women wear and whether or not their style
 repelled or attracted men. That is some crazy talk. Some of the things
that repel men, apparently,are overalls, clogs, shoulder-pads, and
anything overly structured.  Allegedly, men like women that wear 
comfortable things.  But overalls are comfortable, duh!  I was going to
say I'm surprised this is even atopic for a segment, but then again, no,
 I'm not really surprised at all. I can't imagine concerning myself with
what a man wants me to wear though.  I ask you this though, if a woman
 is rocking denim overalls,a blazer with 80's shoulder-pads, and four inch
stiletto heels covered in spikes, but has a kick-ass sense of humour, is
 insanely beautiful, and is fully capable of carrying a conversation with
 pretty much just about anyone because she's incredibly cultured and
 intelligent, would the outfit really be a repellent? Ponder that one.  And
on that note, good day!
My sister's necklace
Thrifted Skirt
Fancy Sox Tights
Spring Shoes
Glasses c/o Firmoo
Tahari Wool Sweater

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Green Expectations

This is Monday's outfit. My posts will be a little backed up: I've been
busy with holiday dinners, hanging out with friends, and typing up a
transcript.  So Monday, it was a wonderful day. My sister came over
for a little Thanksgiving dinner with Paul and I. Although this holiday
dinner had no turkey. And no gravy. And no cranberry sauce. And no
mashed potatoes or stuffing. I made one mean chicken parmesan though.
And apple crisp for dessert. My lack of ability in the kitchen has got me
thinking it's perhaps time to expand my knowledge.  I'm not looking to
be the next Gordon Ramsey, but I'm tired of rotating the same six or
seven recipes. Trying out new recipes can be a tad daunting however.
You not only run the risk of wasting an entire dinner's worth of food,
but you could spend all that time to end up with the same hollow,
empty feeling in your stomach that you started with.  Oh, the 
dilemmas of a foodie-wannabe. 
 Monday also happened to be the anniversary of Paul and I (we think).
We're not sure exactly what day it is, we're not ones for keeping track
of those things.  I know many would think that's hopelessly unromantic,
but we've been together since we were 17.  No, it's not even that. We're
just not those kind of people.  We don't celebrate Valentine's Day either.
It's about appreciating your loved one on a daily basis and making sure
your days are whimsical and passionate.  I don't want to sound cliche,
and I'm usually not one for sentimental gushy stuff, but this guy happens
to be my best friend. We've known each other since we were in grade one,
although didn't become friends until grade 12. That's not to say we haven't
had our fair share of ups and downs. AND, the odds are so very much 
against us!  Seriously. But here we are, after all these years, still truckin'.
For about a year or so now, I've racked my brains trying to think of a
way to style this shawl. It's fabric is a light cotton, which makes it lie
strangely when worn the typical scarf ways. The weather has been 
mild with just a tinge of crispness, making it about the only time of 
year when draping a shawl over your shoulders is sufficient warmth. 
But the the one thing that makes this more than just simply throwing a
shawl on? The belt. So simple. How has this not dawned on me before? I
find belts are key when you're petite and curveless.  They're essential.
Well, they are if you want to create the illusion of curves to be like me
and lust after something you don't have. I type this as I stuff my face
with food. I like how the print is on display this way as well. Usually
when it's all wrapped around your neck the beautiful, artistic prints are
not able to be observed. How sad. For wasn't it that eye-catching print
that caught your eye in the first place? 
My Sister's Necklace
Thrifted Shawl 
Thrifted Dress
Thrifted Belt 
Spring Flats
Aldo Hat

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving weekend my fellow Canucks!  I hope you're
spending this time enjoying wonderful food surrounded by friends
and family. The holidays can be a little tough for me, only my sister 
and I live in the same city, the rest of the fam is spread out all over  
the country. The whole being the second largest country in the world  
can make travelling a bit difficult, and not to mention expensive.  I  
want my Mom's scrumptious cooking! Thankfully I received an invitation  
to a Thanksgiving dinner, so at least I won't be missing out on the 
traditional hearty foods - turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin 
and apple pie, oh, and cranberry sauce! Mmmm.   I'm going to eat 
myself silly!

I'm so glad I decided to experiment with some different coloured tights.

For the longest time it was always black.  I like to wear a lot of solids 
and dresses that are plain though (this dress I'm wearing now is a perfect
example), so I found coloured or patterned tights give a little life to the 
outfit.  My friend and I went shopping this week and I picked up these
orange tights, as well as red, a chocolate brown patterned pair, and a 
deeper purple.  I'm totally in love with these orange ones though - no
surprise seeing as I've been obsessed with the colour as of late.  And I
find they go wonderfully with the rusty colour of the dress.  Alright, off
I go to enjoy this sunshine we've been getting and eat, eat, eat! 

I take the majority of my pictures while I'm out walking Kobe, and I 
usually use the dog park as my background because it's picturesque 
and full of trees.  Most of the time it's just the three of us, but this time
this dog would not leave us alone. She didn't want anything to do with 
Kobe though, only wanted my leaf and to just be friends. Photo-bomb! 
Fancy Sox Tights
H & M Dress 
Aldo Hat
DIY Brooch
DIY Leaf Bracelet
Thrifted Beaded Bracelets 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Page Turner: Frontier Spirit

     Today I'm going to try something a little different. I'm going to talk books. Some bloggers
     may share recipes and their accomplishments in the kitchen, but I can't cook. My sewing 
     isn't anything to brag about and the little garden on my balcony doesn't produce much at        all. But what I can do ladies, is read. So here I am, feeling like a fourth-grader during              show and tell, sharing with you my latest read. This won't be a lengthy book review or            anything, just a way to perhaps introduce you to something new and maybe get some              suggestions on what to read next. Not to mention what I read has a profound effect on me      and shapes the way I think, and subsequently, the way I dress!
     Although it was unintentional, I'm glad the book I'm starting with is Canadian - just like          moi! That may not seem like much, but we're surrounded by plenty of British and                    American authors, and sometimes our own writers don't get a chance to shine. While the        author, Jennifer Duncan, travels to the wild Yukon along with the historical females she          covers, I have never had the pleasure of visiting the northern part of Canada and                      therefore, must live vicariously through them. And I did. The entire time while reading          this book all I wanted to do was give up my worldly possessions and go live in the bush.          I'm sure Kobe would have no complaints there. The cat might though. 
    The book revolves around the Yukon Gold Rush of 1896 and the courageously                           adventurous women who wanted more out of life than what the role of mother and wife           offered. Like so many others at the time, they fell prey to the hysteria and the possibility       of riches. But seriously, the Yukon is freaking fracking cold! And I thought Ottawa was. I         haven't experienced cold until I experience -50  degrees Celsius weather. Mama N is all,         "No big cities here." And the stories of survival in this book put my abilities to shame. One     couple, after their rations had run out in the dead of winter, trekked for two days to their       nearest neighbor. On the way, the couple, their dogs, and their sled fell into the frozen             river, killing two dogs and adding pneumonia to their long list of worries.  And this was in         the 21st century.  And they were not native to the land, they decided to move                         there. Perhaps I'll visit the Yukon in the summer time. But if you're like me and unable to       take a trip up North then reading this book will give a little insight to a place many of us           never lay our eyes on. Okay, I hope you got a kick out of this or something. Nerd out. 

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Talk a Blue Streak

                      Happy hump day ladies! I hope you received a beautifully sunny day
                      reminiscent of summer like I did. Unless chilly cloudy days are your 
                      thing, then I hope you got that. I thought by now I would have stopped 
                      listening to reggae music, but nope, not so! I find reggae music and cold, 
                      snowy days just don't mix.  Kind of like Dennis Rodman and North Korea.
                      Now I, for a little while longer, will be cranking some Sizzla! The nice 
                      weather also means I can go tight-less, and although layering is all the rage
                      right now, I think this cobalt blue dress looks best solo.  And by the way, if 
                      you have blue eyes and don't own anything in cobalt blue you need to go out
                      and buy something in this shade now. Seriously. Your eyes will thank you  
                      'cause they'll be getting all the attention from being just as striking as Daniel
                      Craig's in Casino Royale.  Alright, off I go to bake some apple crisp
                      seeing as I have all these apples I need to use up!
                     Thrifted Dress
                     Thrifted Belt
                     Thrifted Jacket
                    Aldo Boots

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Adventures in an Apple Orchard

   All week the forecast called for rain on Saturday.  But yes, of course it wouldn 't be sunny
  on Paul's weekend off.  I keep telling him he has angered Mama N in some way and now
he needs to atone for his wrong doings by performing some sort of ceremonial dance in 
her honour.  He foolishly declines. (I jest) Anyways, when I woke up the sun was all shy
 and was hiding behind the clouds so we decided to spend this gloomy day at the museum
But as I stood in front my closet once again saying the trite line, "I have nothing to wear,"
the weather changed. Yep, the clouds vanished and the sun shone brightly, solo in the sky.
That's how long it takes me to get dressed. The weather actually changes. Since the sun was
out we thought it was a great opportunity to finally go apple picking. I'm so glad we got to go.
   I've never been apple picking before. I might have gone when I was little, but who knows. I
certainly felt like a little kid and looked more ecstatic to be there than anyone else though,
 including the five year olds. As soon as we arrived the smell of apple was in the air. If I
closed my eyes (and I might just have) I could imagine I was slicing freshly picked apples
in my country kitchen with yellow walls the colour of butter, plaid curtains on the window,
oak cabinets, and the late summer's cool breeze sweeping in through the open door.  I was
definitely daydreaming like I was Anne Shirley. It was so pleasant there that Paul's shyness
was momentarily forgotten and he actually allowed me to snap a shot of him. See. Told you
my boyfriend is real. He's not made up.  I  do wish I had worn a girly dress with some move-
ment, that way I would have looked perfect frolicking through the rows of trees. Instead I felt like an out-of-place city slicker in my harsh black and knee-high boots. 
All Items Thrifted
(Except my tights of course, never thrift used tights.)
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