Thursday, January 30, 2014

Trade Slave

Yesterday, as I got dressed in no particular rush and chose whatever
I wanted to wear sans restrictions, a deep wave of content washed
over me. I love my job. These four little words are rarely put together
in a sentence and even more rare is the utterance of this sentence.
Despite its rarity, loving your job, or at least being somewhat content,
is paramount to our everyday happiness (and I don't necessarily mean
happiness in the form of jumping up and down in glee thinking about
work. I simply mean not dreading and regretting each day). I never
take the fact that I enjoy my job for granted, years of terrible part-time
jobs make sure that I don't. 
I'm happy to no longer be forced to sell a puppy to a woman who asks,
"And what do dogs eat and drink?" as she searches her purse for her
wallet. If you are unaware of that animal's requirements, it really should
not be bought on a whim. Everything you've heard about pet stores are
true (I've worked at several). We've received puppies and kittens taken
from their mothers way too soon and they're placed in the back until
they are old enough to be sold (two months). Ever wonder what's
happening behind the scenes at your favourite restaurant?  You'd
probably be better off not's a place of social politics
and where sexual harassment runs rampant. I've had a woman flash
me her private parts and I know of people who have rubbed their
privates on kitchen utensils. Things dropped on the dirty floor?
 Fair game. Please remember: I am only the messenger! I've
worked at both low and high end restaurants. The only difference
between the two: the nicer the restaurant, the better clothes
the managers wear.Older men have offered my 15 year old self
 private driving lessons in the boonies and women have called my 
23 year old self "a dumb teenage bitch." You can see it's a world I
wanted desperately wanted out of!
Thankfully, I don't have to deal with those things anymore! That doesn't
mean it's always smooth sailing, but no more verbal assault and
cleaning up poop that somehow ended up on the washroom stall door.
If you are suffering from explosive diarrhea, please, stay home, don't
make some poor part-time sucker, probably a student, clean up after
you. For those of you who don't know what I do to pay the bills, I type
court transcripts and I absolutely love it. It's a job where there's always
room for growth, it never ceases to teach me something new, I get to
make my own hours, and most relevant to this blog: I get to wear what
ever I want. No work wardrobe pour moi! How about yourself? Have you
found enjoyment in the work that you do or are you still searching?
Thrifted // Beret
Thrifted // Cardigan
Thrifted // Scarf
DIY // Jewelry
Thrifted // Dress
Thrifted // Belt
Thrifted // Boots
Thrifted // Leg Warmers
Thrifted // Bag

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DIY: Mini Bottle Necklace

One downside (among many) to thrifting is that sometimes you're just
out of luck and you can't find what you're looking for. This happens to
me a lot with jewelry. Often what I find is tacky, old (and not in a oh,
what a pretty vintage piece kind of way), or it's broken. Luckily for
me, I am drawn to jewelry that is simple, whimsical, and earthy,
all of which can be achieved with uncomplicated materials!

This DIY doesn't really need instructions, I didn't have any to go off of
myself. I went with this plant because the fluffs remind me of dandelion
seeds. I used the Krazy Glue to make sure the cork doesn't come
out. And now I have a little bottle of dandelion wishes! I've got three
more bottles to adorn and share, so stay tuned for those!
Michael's // Mini Glass Bottle
Screw Eye
Krazy Glue 
Some fluffy plant I had 
(surprisingly, it is still alive...)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Punta a las Dia

Never doubt that a small group of
thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world; indeed, it is
the only thing that ever has.
    Margaret Mead
You know you're Canadian when it's -20, you look outside and you say, "What
a wonderful day for snowshoeing!"  That whole crazy Canuck nickname is
completely warranted.  Although I really do dislike winter, it is undeniably a
beautiful time of year.  It's the only time you can stand still and be surrounded
by dead silence. No birds chirping. No leaves rustling. Nothing but the sound
of your own breathing. It's an unforgiving place. You are not the ruler, but
the subject here. And I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! 

I find I need outings such as this. I care for these darn trees and sometimes
living downtown in a city I forget how wonderful nature is and how important
it is to preserve it all. I'm way beyond thinking recycling is a sufficient enough
action, but there's always room for improvement. Every so often I will add to
my list little pledges that help the environment. A few that I have already
committed to are: buying only used books and not buying magazines, about
80% of our things are second hand, never ever use plastic water bottles, use
energy efficient light bulbs, I have fast food about once a year (and it's icky),
I've looked for jobs that use the least amount of transportation (I work from
home at the moment), I cut my own hair, don't dye it, and I most often air
dry it, etc.....But like I said, there's always room for improvement. I've started
thinking about taking the extra step. Our landfills are out of control.  
 I truly mean it when I say it is darn near impossible to buy things
that have not been made in China. Why are we still using dirty coal? Why
are we and the animals we raise for food eating so much of some form
of corn? When did spend, don't mend become the unspoken mantra?
A nation needs to tap its resources (whether it be nickle, gold, etc.) in a
manner that does not destroy the land making it an unlivable wasteland.
I apologize for getting heavy here, but things need to change and
we all have the power to make it happen, never underestimate it!
GAP (Gift) // Down Vest
GAP (Gift) // Scarf
American Eagle // Wool Sweater
Thrifted // Long sleeve shirt
Sorrel // Joan of Arctic Boots
Thrifted // Leg Warmers

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Are You Froid?

There was a small boy of Quebec
Who was buried in snow to his neck
When they said, "Are you friz?"
He replied, "Yes I is -
But we don't call this cold in Quebec."
     Rudyard Kipling
It is freakin' frackin' cold out! It's been a mean winter this year, it truly has. Again
the temp has dropped to a brutal -30. The sky is clear, blue, and the sun shines
brightly. There is no warmth though. The streets are empty and quiet. The wind
cuts like a knife and leaves you praying for those hot, sweaty summer days. 
I miss those days of laying down in the cool grass while feeling the heat of the
sun on my skin.  I miss those days that I turn to the wind and allow it to wash
over me, much unlike now where I shield myself from it for it is my enemy.
At first I thought taking photos on a day like this was just ludicrous, but then I
realized that it's days like this that our fashion style is stumped the most. You have
no idea how many layers I am wearing! Under all this wool (a must) I am bundled
 under fleece leggings, a  skirt slip, leg warmers, a t-shirt, and a long sleeve shirt.
I have to admit, I have been watching the Discovery Channel's new mini show
Klondike and it got me thinking about winter fashion. I was rather excited when
this show was aired for I had read a book about the Yukon gold rush and was
very intrigued by this fascinating world of extreme weather, breathtakingly 
beautiful scenery, big dreamers, and unlawful men. When people traveled to the
Yukon, gold pushing them forward, one of the biggest killers was the weather. 
 Victorian women soon realized that the fashion in style at the time would not
suffice in a land governed by Mother Nature.  Now, I'm not about to compare
myself to the pioneer woman of the north, but I did have them in mind. So
when I got dressed I looked into my closet and picked the warmest pieces.
Add a belt to keep some what of a lady-like shape and we're good to go!
American Apparel // Wool Beret, Colour: Bordeaux
American Eagle // Wool Sweater
Magnolia // Silver Leaf Pendant
Thrifted // Belt
Thrifted // Wool Plaid Skirt
Roots // Leather Gloves
Thrifted // Boots

Friday, January 17, 2014

Polka Dot the Playful

It has been fantastically warm outside as of late! (Valley Girl Voice) Seriously.
Look at my feet. No boots! I think Mama N. is rewarding us for those few
weeks of torturous weather. You just know you're a northerner when it's -5
and all your windows are open while you do some "spring" cleaning, you veer
towards shoes and not just boots, and you walk the kilometre to the museum
rather than taking the bus to enjoy the mild weather. I'll take it all! I know
winter will strike again and I am so enjoying this break while it lasts! 

Whenever I see polka dots I think of the song Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow
Polka Dot Bikini. And to think once upon a time people thought polka dots
resembled illnesses, such as the measles! Well, I'm glad popular thought has
changed and people don't think of themselves crazily scratching their entire
bodies because of chicken pox when they see me. I'm also a little late on this
whole polka dot trend: this is my very first item, gasp! And I say I'm a fashion
Thrifted // Wool Hat
Thrifted // Sweater
GAP // Skirt
Thrifted // Bag
Thrifted // Wedges 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Quill & Quire

Lately, when I've been twisting my hair in my fingers, I've toyed with the thought
of cutting all that length off. Think Marion Cotillard with her tousled wavy bob.
You know when your life seems stagnant and it screams for some spontaneity? 
When every day is the same and it all meshes into one ambiguous day? Now, I
know cutting my hair would only be a momentary remedy and not a true adieu
to the ceaseless boredom. I need real change. I don't know, maybe this all can
be accredited to cabin fever, but a little change would do me some good. 
Ever since I grew bored of solid colours and decided to venture into the world of
prints, I've wanted a black and white polka dot skirt. I searched and I searched
until finally I came across precisely what my heart desired. As you can see, I'm not
wearing any polka dots...that skirt can be found atop the mass of clothes on my
bed. Do you ever find yourself in a style rut where all the outfits you are drawn
to are for the season to come and not the one you are in? I have spring in my mind
right now, ladies! In summer, all I wanted was the ability to layer and some cozy
sweaters. In the middle of winter I find myself drawn to t-shirts and ankle boots.
Darn fickleness. Clearly, someone needs to learn to live in the moment. 
Thrifted // Hat
Le Chateau // Scarf
Thrifted // Sweater
Thrifted // Belt
Thrifted // Skirt
Thrifted // Leg Warmers
Thrifted // Boots
Bentley // Mittens 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Deep Freeze

Joy is not in things;
it is in us.
   Richard Wagner
When winter began I had made a goal for myself: upon coming across Kate Upton's
Antarctica photoshoot for Sports Illustrated the first thought that came to mind was
that bitch be crazy! Is that parka really keeping you warm, Kate?! Now, I'm not
getting paid thousands of dollars to pose nearly naked, but I did think if she can do
that then I can at least toughen up a bit.  My absence lately is a clear indicator that
this goal has gone unaccomplished.  Now, January and February are notorious for
being bitterly cold and I deal with it, I don't like it, but I deal with it. That would be
sans this whole "Polar Vortex" thing. So when the temperatures dropped to an evil
-34 and the "calm" came in the form of intermittent snowstorms not only my style
was stumped. December is usually all about fluffy snow and mild temperatures.
Not this year. At this point, I'm thinking a pair of skates would be the best idea
for going about the city! Everything is covered in a thick layer of slippery ice.
One good thing came out of the unbelievably cold weather: anything warmer than
-30 feels as if it were springtime! So when the temperature rose to zero degrees, I
came out of my hibernation and went about the world in an animated childlike way.
When you're standing at the top of a hill and the path down is slick with ice, well,
grace goes out the window and all you can really do is slide down on your bum!
Thrifted // Beret
Jacob // Plaid Shirt
Thrifted // Belt
DIY //  Wool Skirt
Thrifted // Leg Warmers
Le Chateau // Boots

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Twinkle, Twinkle

DISCLAIMER: I live in a tiny downtown apartment. Yes, it's a great location,
but man, oh, man does it ever lack in space! My closets are jammed packed
and while retrieving the Christmas decorations my iron fell from the top shelf to
the floor. So for now, I'm going for that whole wrinkle look. 
Happy New Year's! Please ignore the lateness of this salutation. I hope you had a
wonderful night, whether it was spent decked out in jewels and a fancy dress, with a
glass of that giggle water in hand surrounded by plenty of people, or if you had a date
with the couch and pajamas were the dress code. New Year's can be plenty overrated.
 As long as you're happy with what you're doing! Paul and I had more of a low-key
night hanging out with just  few close friends.  Despite the casualness of the night I still
had to rock some sort of sparkle, so bring on the sequin skirt! I'm not one for sparkle
or glitter (or even diamonds), but something about this skirt just caught my eye - and
I guess I mean that literally not just figuratively, hah. This thing shines like a star in
the sky every time I move - how fun is that?!
Jacob // Shirt
GAP // Skirt
Gift from lil' brother // Necklace
Joe Fresh // Tights
Le Chateau // Heels
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