Monday, December 30, 2013

Frozen Flowers

Just two more days left of 2013, eh, ladies?! Do you have your pen and paper
out ready to create that list of wishful thinking? I've never really been into creating
these huge resolutions for myself, which is odd since I am a self-proclaimed list-
oholic. I tend to make a resolution list that revolves around flimsy betterments of
myself, such as: be nicer to people, eat healthier (mainly just less sugar for it makes
up a whole food group for me!), and work harder. How lame is that?! Be nicer
to people? Way to go me, aren't I aiming high? Haha. So this year I thought I
would try a little harder, for in the end aren't I the one who wins anyways?
What better ensemble to wear for a walk by the frozen river than a floral skirt? I fit
right into the surroundings... I actually prefer donning a floral print in the winter rather
than during the summer. During the summer everything is so bright and happy I just
need to look outside to be cheered up. Winter however, that's a different story.
Depression rates sky rocket during these bleak months. We actually get seasonal
depression! That's just ludicrous. But we can always rely on those anti-d's being
handed out. Thank you health care. So floral skirt, you've got a mission: cheer me up
and remind me that the world will be colourful and lively again, just three months to go.
Thrifted // Scarf
Vintage (My G.G. Ma's) // Silver "B" Pendent
Thrifted // Bolo Tie 
Jacob // Wool Sweater
Thrifted // Skirt
Joe Fresh // Grey Tights
DIY // Leg Warmers
Thrifted // Wedge Boots

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Royal Purple

Hello, dearies! The storm has passed and now the calm has washed over us. It's
nice to sit back and relax after those crazy jam-packed weeks of excitement, eh?
I'm definitely going to take a few days to myself before getting my game on for the
new year. It's time to tackle those need-to-do things!  Maybe it was turning 25, but
I feel as if I've come to that point in my life where I can't just be dinking around all
the time - not that I was much of a dinker to begin with!  Or it may have something to
do with the whole new year's resolutions thing. Either way, I have a renewed sense
of diligence.  There is one thing that will stay stagnant though: my fixation with plaid!

And since I tend to wear plaid quite often, I thought I would try something different
(only slightly different, nothing to get excited over). Usually when I wear plaid I go
for a more relaxed, laid-back feel, but I've seen ensembles where plaid is paired
with fancier pieces, like this silk top. I can't wait to pair a warm flannel-ish plaid
shirt with the white ballerina-ish skirt I wore in my last post; quite the contrast.
The Bay // Cardigan
Thifted // Beret 
Le Chateau // Silk Top
Thrifted // Belt
Jacob // Plaid Skirt
Thrifted // Boots 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Red-Letter Day

Good day! I hope you all had a joyous Christmas! I had a wonderful day filled with
smiles, laughter, and scrumptious food. I don't have any family besides my younger
sister in my city, so sometimes the holidays can be a bit lonely, but I really did have
a great day! I absolutely love giving gifts; spoiling Kobe and my sister and seeing
their delighted reactions were definitely highlights of my day. And since we were
in the 'burbs, Paul and I were able to use the breathtakingly beautiful nature as my
backdrop. I prefer this much more to the city. I used to take Kobe to this nature
trail all the time when he was a puppy. It's such a charming place to take walks.
Of course Christmas day called for a festive ensemble! And what says the holidays
better than red, white, and gold shoe buckles? While I was incredibly comfortable,
which is much needed when you spend most of the day sitting down, these stiletto
heels were the absolute worst idea! Did you know they sink into the snow?! Hah.
I'll be putting these back into the closet for sure, but they were fun for a day.
Thrifted // Sweater
GAP // Skirt 
Winners // Heels 

Monday, December 23, 2013

The Christmas Skirt

The time is just flying by! Christmas is almost here and I cannot wait! Paul and I
finished up the last of our shopping today (I am usually out and about on the 24th,
so this is an improvement for me!) and tonight we've got a little Christmas shin-
dig with friends. I usually don't dress overly seasonal, but for some reason I'm
just doing things differently. It definitely makes getting dressed a little more fun!
This skirt was once my Christmas dress when I was a little girl (or my sister's).
My mom wasn't too pleased I had cut it up, but I say it gets more use this way!
It absolutely screams Christmas to me with green velvet trim and the red floral
print (do you know what type of flower this is? I should know considering I've
worked in two garden centers, but I don't).  All right, off I go. And since I won't
be back until after Christmas: Happy Holidays! Have a wonderful day :)
Thrifted // Sweater
Forever 21 // Bow Studs
Thrifted // T-Shirt
DIY // Skirt
Thrifted // Boots

Thursday, December 19, 2013

DIY: Christmas Ornament

Why, hello! It's been a little while since we've last met. I entirely blame the weather. It's been a
brutal -30 here and I just don't feel very inclined to go outside, let alone pose for pictures! When
the weather warms up to a pleasant -10 I'll venture back outside, but until then I can be found
seeking refuge indoors. One thing I do enjoy about the colder months is the increase in projects
around the house.  During the summer I feel too guilty spending time indoors hunched over my
needle and thread, but not when the world outside is rather uninviting.  These days and nights
are ideal for putting on a Christmas movie, curling up on the couch with a blanket and the cat,
the dog at my feet, and a needle and thread in hand. 

  1. Gather your materials: fabric, thread, bells, twine, ribbon, needle, scissors, fluff.  I actually ended up using green thread instead of the white and red that are shown. I also found some green ribbon in my sewing box that I used as well as the red. You also need fluff as filler, but I forgot to put it in the picture.
  2. Cut the shape of what what you want for your ornament  My inspiration ornaments were circular, but squares are easier to do. Give space on the sides so that you can fold it inwards.
  3.  Put the fabric together - back and front. Ironing will keep the fabric where you fold it down better. Pin in place.  Before putting the bells, sew one side in an L shape. 
  4. Tie the bells onto the twine. 
  5. Place the twine and bells between the two pieces of fabric. 
  6. Inside view. Pull the twine to make the bells dangle as much as your little heart desires!
  7. Sew the twine in place.
  8. Fold in the sides and pin/iron into place. This fabric was tough since it was once upon a time a table place mat, but thinner fabrics will be easier to deal with. 
  9. Sew along the sides. I used the green lines already there as my guide line (a bit of a cheater I am!) and with matching green fabric it seamlessly blended in.
  10. Stuff it with fluff!
  11. And with the top, fold the sides in as before and sew. 
  12. Put the ribbon in place. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Canucking Nuts

Man, oh, man. Was it ever cold today! At only -15 degrees, it's just a taste of
what's to come. Challenge accepted, winter.  Despite the cold I'm actually
enjoying winter and everything that comes with it.You can call this the honeymoon
phase; when the snow looks pretty, people are cheerful for it's the season to be
jolly, you get excited over your winter clothes because, come one, it's been months
since you've seen those things and it's as if you now have a new wardrobe, and
you're excited to get all that stuff done you left till winter to do. 
But winter is kind of like dating an ex. At first you're all, okay, this is fun. And
why did I stop liking you again?  Then the snow begins to lose its pristine white
colour. Over the months it gathers all the dirt and garbage.  Christmas passes and
people begin to get grumpy because they spent way more than they should of on
gifts.Your winter clothes,while once appearing as an endless opportunity for layering,
 have now become a trial - all these layers just to take the dog out to pee?!  Your
nose never stops running and your eyes are in a constant watery state. Then it hits
you: yes, now I remember why I broke up with you. And then you count down the
days till summer. Yes. I know you, winter. But I'm going enjoy this honeymoon
phase while it's here. Paul and I decorated the tree the other day and I stocked
up on some eggnog! I've been practicing some Christmas jingles on my keyboard.
I was not gifted with an inch of talent when it comes to music, but it's fun to play.

Aldo // Ear Muffs 
Thrifed // Circle Scarf
Thrifted // Wool Sweater
Thrifted // Shirt
Thrifted // Necklace Pendants 
Guess // Skirt
Thrifted // Leg Warmers
Sorel // 'Joan of Arctic' Boots
Forever21 // Coat

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Feeling Festive

Good day! Are you getting into the Christmas spirit as much as I am? My goal is
to really make the most out of winter this year, so why not go all out this season?
I'm usually not one for holidays and things like that. I think it's because I grew up
in a relatively poor family and I hated the pressure to spend money. Not to mention
my family is highly dysfunctional. I mean, an alcoholic father and bipolar mother....
let's just say, things didn't always go so smoothly! But I'm an adult now and it's up
to me to create my own home and fill my life with happiness and things that make
me giddy. Take Kobe's Christmas jester collar for example, I can't help but smile
when I see this on him! How could I not?! He's so darn cute.
Now, although this skirt is sheer and doesn't provide a bit of warmth, something
about it just feels like Christmas. It was once upon a time my baptismal dress.
Haha, don't worry! I was baptized at the age of five or so, I wasn't just a really
big baby! I had originally wanted to wear a pair of ankle boots, but girl, it's too
darn cold for that! These boots are lined so they're incredibly warm. I'm pretty
excited, I've got three more holiday inspired looks. Think red, sparkles, green,
and all things pretty! The whole sparkly thing is something new to me. I usually
stay far away from glitter and sparkles. I don't even like diamonds.  It'll be a
nice break from the norm though, add a little glitz to my life. I need that glitz to
distract me too. Kobe has been attacked two more times and the other day I
had a stalker! Maybe dogs are picking on Kobe 'cause of his collar. Who
knows. Moving from the suburbs to downtown didn't turn out quite as I had
imagined.Yes, I need that glitz as a reminder to stay care-free and have fun!
  From my sister // Necklace
Le Chateau // Wool Dress (worn as shirt)
DIY // Skirt
Fancy Sox // Tights 
Magnolia // Ring
Le Chateau // Boots
Petsmart // Kobe's Collar

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Princesse de Glace

What a busy weekend! Scratch that. It's been a string of busy weeks for me. Not
that I mind; when you finally get a chance to put on those comfy pj's, curl up on the
couch with the animals and a blanket, and just relax, that moment is most cherished
after a long day! You can bet that will be me tonight. Friday was Paul's birthday, the
day of the dog park drama, so we went to his 'rents for his birthday dinner. Saturday
I worked and went to eat at the Works for Paul's birthday (one of his favourite
restaurants - a good ol' burger place) and then we out afterwards with friends. 
Today, well, Sunday is a day to tackle that to-do list isn't it? Kobe cut his paw
really badly at the park today, too. Tell tale sign: the snow was red. It happens
every year. We've tried various types of boots, but they never work. The next pair
we're looking at are over $50! For dog boots - that be crazy! Anything for that pup!
I wasn't quite ready to put away my orange things, but since the snow has fallen
I feel like wrapping myself in clothes that channel a winter wonderland theme.
Greys, blues, whites. Silver jewelry and pearls. The fair isle print reigns when it
comes to winter prints, too. I mean, you just look at it and you think winter. I'm
 usually not a fan of hoodies, but when I carefully unwrapped the tissue paper and
discovered this sweater I fell in love with the print. It's so warm and soft too - just
 what you need when it's chilly! I feel I have a new outlook on winter this year. No
more complaining of the cold. Rather, I shall embrace it. I already can't wait to go
snowshoeing, we just need a few more snowfalls. I usually go with a friend, but I
think I'll drag Paul along this year. See, winter has its moments! Ta-ta for now.
Magnolia // Genuine Pearl Studs
GAP // Wool Scarf
Gift from my Nan (hers) // Silver Chain
Gift from Paul// Onyx Pendent 
Thrifted // Dress
Thrifted // Belt 
American Eagle (Gift) // Sweater 
Thrifted // Ring
DIY // Leg Warmers
Le Chateau // Boots

Saturday, December 07, 2013

More Than Grey Matter

Okay, I will admit, it was rather difficult to put a smile on my face and pose for
pictures.  And the pictures are extra blurry despite the fact that Paul and I went
out earlier to catch the sun. Sad face. So here goes the story (and this has not a
thing to do with style so you can just skip this if ya want!): it's just a normal
ol' day, a trip to the dog park for Kobe to release his inexhaustible amount of
energy. Here we are throwing his Frisbee when this dog comes barreling across
the field and attacks Kobe.  Now, Kobe is my baby. I was about to go all Mama
Bear on this dog, but I didn't need to for Paul tackles this dog to the ground. Okay,
you're probably thinking oh my, he tackled a poor pup? But this dog was big.
And Kobe's a decent size at 60 lbs. - Side note: Kobe has been attacked by dogs
a lot lately, oddly enough it rarely happens at the dog park. Subsequently Kobe has
developed a fear of dogs now. It always seems to be 70-80 pound dogs that go
after him too, much to Kobe's disadvantage - Okay, so the story gets more intense!
Finally, this extremely (might I add: wanna-be?) thuggish young male obtusely strolls
over. After a few not so nice words are exchanged (to sum it up: that's just how his
dog plays) his diablo perro then proceeds to bee-line it for a tiny Jack Russel terrier
at the other end of the park, being watched by a little girl. They were far enough
away, but we could hear the girl screaming and her dog yelping in pain. The terrier
in an attempt to get away runs into one of Ottawa's busiest streets. Paul and I had
to run across the field through several feet of snow, mind you I was in a dress and
wedges. I put myself between the girl, her dog, and of course, obedient Kobe was
just sitting off to the side (he's not much of a fighter). The diablo perro continued
to circle us trying to get at the terrier.  The inane owner finally saunters over, ever
so slowly and casually, all the while keeping that smile plastered on his face. This
has been the second time now that winter coats have saved Paul from some serious
bites. He had bruises and without so many layers I'm sure there could have been
more damage done.  Hah. I never thought I'd be grateful for the cold! I'm also
so lucky that all these dog attacks have been happening when Paul is with me.
Five days of the week I walk Kobe without him; I can't imagine what I'd do
if a 70-80 lbs dog attacked Kobe and I was all alone. Pahhh- lease! If Kobe
wants to go for a squirrel it's happening. That's why I have to train him so well.
If not he'd control me. I don't think I could pull an attacking dog off Kobe even
if I tried. I doubt that's a very good idea anyways. What's a girl to do?!
You still here? Phew. I thought I might have lost you! I'll keep this short and
sweet 'cause I've kept you long enough. 'Tis the season for grey! Or gray. Or
gris. (It's Canada, it's everyone's way, but our own.) If brown and orange are
quintessentially autumn, then winter is all about grey. I am so happy to have come
across this wool sweater, thrifted but originally from Tristan. I loves it, I do. To
sum it up: if there was a zombie apocalypse I would take this sweater. I would
take this sweater even knowing that grey is not a flattering colour (or shade) for
blondes. Yeah. It's that comfortable and cozy and warm and soft and precious.
Please, anyone request that I wear it again soon! I loves it that much, I do.
All right ladies, off I go, enjoy your weekend! And my fellow dog owners out
there: be careful! Unless you've got yourself a big ol' husky or Irish wolfhound.
If that's the case, well, you probably have no fear of another dog mauling yours!
Aldo // Hat
Thrifted // Wool Sweater
Thrifted // Sweater
Gift from Sister // Necklace
Thrifted // Belt
Thrifted // Floral Ring
Magnolia // Filigree Ring 
Thrifted // Leg Warmers
Le Chateau // Boots

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Cold, Colder, Coldest

Snow! Over the past week my world has become a winter wonderland! People
have begun to put up their Christmas lights, making walking the streets a visual
extravaganza. And now that's there's plenty of snow on the ground my holiday
decor doesn't feel so out of place. The several feet of snow we received has
definitely changed the look of fashion too. Good bye, fancy shoes and hello, 
functional boots! The snow's here for a while, so make yourself comfortable.
And who was it that said skirts can't be worn in the winter? Clearly that person
has never been introduced to a wool skirt before. Yes, here she goes again with
that whole wool thing! I just love it! Do think the job of wool spokes(wo)man
exists?!  If so, I'm applying....  I have such a hatred of being cold and when
you have a hatred for pants that rivals that of being cold, well, that would be quite
the conundrum for a winter novice. I don't know about you, but when it's -20
or colder outside and I don't dress properly it literally feels as if my insides are
contracting. It's not nice. That's when I started to think about not just layering, but
the fabrics in which I was using for layering. This skirt is a million times warmer
than a pair of jeans. Hands down. So, you'll be seeing this skirt around, that's for
sure (that being said, I hope you like it as much as I do)! I was uber excited to
discover this sweater, it's burnt orange-ish colour suits this skirt perfectly! 
Thrifted // Wool Floppy Hat
Thrifted // Sweater 
Roots // Wool Scarf
Japanese coins // Necklace Pedant
Thrifted // Belt
Thrifted // T-Shirt
Thrifted // Wool Skirt
Thrifted // Ring
Le Chateau // Boots
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