Thursday, December 19, 2013

DIY: Christmas Ornament

Why, hello! It's been a little while since we've last met. I entirely blame the weather. It's been a
brutal -30 here and I just don't feel very inclined to go outside, let alone pose for pictures! When
the weather warms up to a pleasant -10 I'll venture back outside, but until then I can be found
seeking refuge indoors. One thing I do enjoy about the colder months is the increase in projects
around the house.  During the summer I feel too guilty spending time indoors hunched over my
needle and thread, but not when the world outside is rather uninviting.  These days and nights
are ideal for putting on a Christmas movie, curling up on the couch with a blanket and the cat,
the dog at my feet, and a needle and thread in hand. 

  1. Gather your materials: fabric, thread, bells, twine, ribbon, needle, scissors, fluff.  I actually ended up using green thread instead of the white and red that are shown. I also found some green ribbon in my sewing box that I used as well as the red. You also need fluff as filler, but I forgot to put it in the picture.
  2. Cut the shape of what what you want for your ornament  My inspiration ornaments were circular, but squares are easier to do. Give space on the sides so that you can fold it inwards.
  3.  Put the fabric together - back and front. Ironing will keep the fabric where you fold it down better. Pin in place.  Before putting the bells, sew one side in an L shape. 
  4. Tie the bells onto the twine. 
  5. Place the twine and bells between the two pieces of fabric. 
  6. Inside view. Pull the twine to make the bells dangle as much as your little heart desires!
  7. Sew the twine in place.
  8. Fold in the sides and pin/iron into place. This fabric was tough since it was once upon a time a table place mat, but thinner fabrics will be easier to deal with. 
  9. Sew along the sides. I used the green lines already there as my guide line (a bit of a cheater I am!) and with matching green fabric it seamlessly blended in.
  10. Stuff it with fluff!
  11. And with the top, fold the sides in as before and sew. 
  12. Put the ribbon in place. 


  1. Too cute! Love these. :)


  2. I agree, it seriously takes effort and inspiration for me to go out and get photos done now. I'd much rather stay inside in my pj's and just bake or work on an art project. I love this cute little DIY you came up with though! so cute :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. It's barely even cold here but I am finding myself locked up inside as well, being way more productive around the house than I usually am haha. This looks like a fun way to keep busy :)

  4. What a beautiful DIY! It looks so wonderful and festive! I hear you about the weather! It has been -30 everyday here for the past month! Can`t wait for it to warm up! :)


  5. aww this is adorable, i especially love the fabric you found! and i've been crafting like crazy this passed week haha i went everything to be perfect for Christmas :D

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin


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