Sunday, December 29, 2013

Royal Purple

Hello, dearies! The storm has passed and now the calm has washed over us. It's
nice to sit back and relax after those crazy jam-packed weeks of excitement, eh?
I'm definitely going to take a few days to myself before getting my game on for the
new year. It's time to tackle those need-to-do things!  Maybe it was turning 25, but
I feel as if I've come to that point in my life where I can't just be dinking around all
the time - not that I was much of a dinker to begin with!  Or it may have something to
do with the whole new year's resolutions thing. Either way, I have a renewed sense
of diligence.  There is one thing that will stay stagnant though: my fixation with plaid!

And since I tend to wear plaid quite often, I thought I would try something different
(only slightly different, nothing to get excited over). Usually when I wear plaid I go
for a more relaxed, laid-back feel, but I've seen ensembles where plaid is paired
with fancier pieces, like this silk top. I can't wait to pair a warm flannel-ish plaid
shirt with the white ballerina-ish skirt I wore in my last post; quite the contrast.
The Bay // Cardigan
Thifted // Beret 
Le Chateau // Silk Top
Thrifted // Belt
Jacob // Plaid Skirt
Thrifted // Boots 


  1. lovely outfit!

    Maybe you want to follow each other?

  2. I definitely love the combination! It's funny how two very different things can just, go together.

    Good luck with your to-do list!


    Kalie H.

  3. I love the touch of plaid! Your hair is perfect. I have been wanting to go blond for a while now but I am afraid to take the leap!


  4. You look so lovely :) I like the background of the white snow and the black gate. Anything plaid is a win in my book so I'd say you should definitely keep wearing it.

  5. Oooh, I do love the mix of purple with your signature plaid :)
    And agreed, no more dinking around! Aha, I need to kick off this new year right

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. Such a rich shade of purple! It looks perfect with the plaid. I'm in the same boat for the new year. It's time to get things moving!

  7. The great thing about plaid is that you can dress it up or down--and you did a beautiful job with this casual outfit here. I really like the beret topping off the entire ensemble!


    Another Beautiful Thing

  8. oh man.. i read that as "drinking around" at first and was going to say ya... alcohol really affects me in my age (27) when it never used to so i dont drink anymore but now that has nothing to do w/ the topic haha. dinking around, yes, that's a good because goals and focus are always good and time flies by. anyway, you look gorgeous in this plaid, i like that color top and the contrast. i forget about purples like that.

  9. another cute outfit! I like everything going on, the belt, the plaid, the winter white and the beret :)
    happy belated birthday!


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