Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Feeling Festive

Good day! Are you getting into the Christmas spirit as much as I am? My goal is
to really make the most out of winter this year, so why not go all out this season?
I'm usually not one for holidays and things like that. I think it's because I grew up
in a relatively poor family and I hated the pressure to spend money. Not to mention
my family is highly dysfunctional. I mean, an alcoholic father and bipolar mother....
let's just say, things didn't always go so smoothly! But I'm an adult now and it's up
to me to create my own home and fill my life with happiness and things that make
me giddy. Take Kobe's Christmas jester collar for example, I can't help but smile
when I see this on him! How could I not?! He's so darn cute.
Now, although this skirt is sheer and doesn't provide a bit of warmth, something
about it just feels like Christmas. It was once upon a time my baptismal dress.
Haha, don't worry! I was baptized at the age of five or so, I wasn't just a really
big baby! I had originally wanted to wear a pair of ankle boots, but girl, it's too
darn cold for that! These boots are lined so they're incredibly warm. I'm pretty
excited, I've got three more holiday inspired looks. Think red, sparkles, green,
and all things pretty! The whole sparkly thing is something new to me. I usually
stay far away from glitter and sparkles. I don't even like diamonds.  It'll be a
nice break from the norm though, add a little glitz to my life. I need that glitz to
distract me too. Kobe has been attacked two more times and the other day I
had a stalker! Maybe dogs are picking on Kobe 'cause of his collar. Who
knows. Moving from the suburbs to downtown didn't turn out quite as I had
imagined.Yes, I need that glitz as a reminder to stay care-free and have fun!
  From my sister // Necklace
Le Chateau // Wool Dress (worn as shirt)
DIY // Skirt
Fancy Sox // Tights 
Magnolia // Ring
Le Chateau // Boots
Petsmart // Kobe's Collar


  1. you look very pretty! very festive! good for you to start your OWN traditions!

  2. your skirt is super pretty! I love Kobe's collar. I'm sorry he keeps getting picked on.

    Happy holidays! I'm super excited for Christmas!

  3. Aww, Kobe's jester collar is the cutest thing ever! Makes me smile just looking at it too :)
    I love how you match with him too, the red and white is a lovely combination!
    And yes, you can make Christmas your own holiday now and make it as festive (or not) as you want!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. wow you look amazing! you are absolutely beautiful - it seriously looks like winter wonderland over there:) lots of love xx

  5. oh my goodness. You look gorgeous. I love your necklace, and your dog is adorable.

    i hope you can stop by and return the favor.

  6. LOVE this outfit! Red and white or cream is one of my favorite combinations right now, and it's so cool that your skirt was once your baptismal dress! It's so pretty! Plus, this color of red looks amazing on you. I can't wait to see the rest of your holiday outfits.
    Kobe is adorable. I'm sorry he's been attacked lately, that's terrible! Hopefully things will calm down for him. Poor guy.


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