Saturday, December 07, 2013

More Than Grey Matter

Okay, I will admit, it was rather difficult to put a smile on my face and pose for
pictures.  And the pictures are extra blurry despite the fact that Paul and I went
out earlier to catch the sun. Sad face. So here goes the story (and this has not a
thing to do with style so you can just skip this if ya want!): it's just a normal
ol' day, a trip to the dog park for Kobe to release his inexhaustible amount of
energy. Here we are throwing his Frisbee when this dog comes barreling across
the field and attacks Kobe.  Now, Kobe is my baby. I was about to go all Mama
Bear on this dog, but I didn't need to for Paul tackles this dog to the ground. Okay,
you're probably thinking oh my, he tackled a poor pup? But this dog was big.
And Kobe's a decent size at 60 lbs. - Side note: Kobe has been attacked by dogs
a lot lately, oddly enough it rarely happens at the dog park. Subsequently Kobe has
developed a fear of dogs now. It always seems to be 70-80 pound dogs that go
after him too, much to Kobe's disadvantage - Okay, so the story gets more intense!
Finally, this extremely (might I add: wanna-be?) thuggish young male obtusely strolls
over. After a few not so nice words are exchanged (to sum it up: that's just how his
dog plays) his diablo perro then proceeds to bee-line it for a tiny Jack Russel terrier
at the other end of the park, being watched by a little girl. They were far enough
away, but we could hear the girl screaming and her dog yelping in pain. The terrier
in an attempt to get away runs into one of Ottawa's busiest streets. Paul and I had
to run across the field through several feet of snow, mind you I was in a dress and
wedges. I put myself between the girl, her dog, and of course, obedient Kobe was
just sitting off to the side (he's not much of a fighter). The diablo perro continued
to circle us trying to get at the terrier.  The inane owner finally saunters over, ever
so slowly and casually, all the while keeping that smile plastered on his face. This
has been the second time now that winter coats have saved Paul from some serious
bites. He had bruises and without so many layers I'm sure there could have been
more damage done.  Hah. I never thought I'd be grateful for the cold! I'm also
so lucky that all these dog attacks have been happening when Paul is with me.
Five days of the week I walk Kobe without him; I can't imagine what I'd do
if a 70-80 lbs dog attacked Kobe and I was all alone. Pahhh- lease! If Kobe
wants to go for a squirrel it's happening. That's why I have to train him so well.
If not he'd control me. I don't think I could pull an attacking dog off Kobe even
if I tried. I doubt that's a very good idea anyways. What's a girl to do?!
You still here? Phew. I thought I might have lost you! I'll keep this short and
sweet 'cause I've kept you long enough. 'Tis the season for grey! Or gray. Or
gris. (It's Canada, it's everyone's way, but our own.) If brown and orange are
quintessentially autumn, then winter is all about grey. I am so happy to have come
across this wool sweater, thrifted but originally from Tristan. I loves it, I do. To
sum it up: if there was a zombie apocalypse I would take this sweater. I would
take this sweater even knowing that grey is not a flattering colour (or shade) for
blondes. Yeah. It's that comfortable and cozy and warm and soft and precious.
Please, anyone request that I wear it again soon! I loves it that much, I do.
All right ladies, off I go, enjoy your weekend! And my fellow dog owners out
there: be careful! Unless you've got yourself a big ol' husky or Irish wolfhound.
If that's the case, well, you probably have no fear of another dog mauling yours!
Aldo // Hat
Thrifted // Wool Sweater
Thrifted // Sweater
Gift from Sister // Necklace
Thrifted // Belt
Thrifted // Floral Ring
Magnolia // Filigree Ring 
Thrifted // Leg Warmers
Le Chateau // Boots


  1. Wow, that story was intense haha. Glad no one ended up getting too hurt. And I love grey! Definitely a good color for winter.

  2. I'm sorry to hear what happened! your dog sounds like such a sweetie.

    your hat looks very cozy & the print on your dress is wonderful. :) even though I'm not a big fan of cold weather I am very excited for snow to hit where I live! I live near the Poconos mountains so I think we will get a good bit.

  3. Oh my word, that dog is a beast! That owner seriously needs to get a new attitude too...ugh, just reading his reactions made me upset. So grateful you weren't alone walking Kobe! That entire situation could've gone so differently.
    Anyway, I think the blue color mixed with your grey balances out wonderfully so the grey still compliments your blonde hair :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. I actually read this a few days ago and had to come back. So upsetting!! What is wrong with people?!?! I'm glad you guys, your pup, and the wee terrier are ok! That's just so awful.

    Grey not flattering?? Psh. You look gorgeous in grey and blue! They suit you perfectly. <3

    Jenny Lee

  5. i feel like backhanding that inane attack dog owner! if only my bro's dog gracie could have swung her heavy tail like a whip bam bam bam. bad human for not training his dog properly! grrr. now on to your delicious print dress, classic black accessories, and zombie apocalypse sweater, they look radiant. i am a fan of grey.


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