Thursday, December 12, 2013

Canucking Nuts

Man, oh, man. Was it ever cold today! At only -15 degrees, it's just a taste of
what's to come. Challenge accepted, winter.  Despite the cold I'm actually
enjoying winter and everything that comes with it.You can call this the honeymoon
phase; when the snow looks pretty, people are cheerful for it's the season to be
jolly, you get excited over your winter clothes because, come one, it's been months
since you've seen those things and it's as if you now have a new wardrobe, and
you're excited to get all that stuff done you left till winter to do. 
But winter is kind of like dating an ex. At first you're all, okay, this is fun. And
why did I stop liking you again?  Then the snow begins to lose its pristine white
colour. Over the months it gathers all the dirt and garbage.  Christmas passes and
people begin to get grumpy because they spent way more than they should of on
gifts.Your winter clothes,while once appearing as an endless opportunity for layering,
 have now become a trial - all these layers just to take the dog out to pee?!  Your
nose never stops running and your eyes are in a constant watery state. Then it hits
you: yes, now I remember why I broke up with you. And then you count down the
days till summer. Yes. I know you, winter. But I'm going enjoy this honeymoon
phase while it's here. Paul and I decorated the tree the other day and I stocked
up on some eggnog! I've been practicing some Christmas jingles on my keyboard.
I was not gifted with an inch of talent when it comes to music, but it's fun to play.

Aldo // Ear Muffs 
Thrifed // Circle Scarf
Thrifted // Wool Sweater
Thrifted // Shirt
Thrifted // Necklace Pendants 
Guess // Skirt
Thrifted // Leg Warmers
Sorel // 'Joan of Arctic' Boots
Forever21 // Coat


  1. Dating an ex, that's such a great description haha. I feel that way about summer/heat since that's the most extreme weather we get here. You look so cute with your hair up like that! And this outfit looks really cozy. Love the earmuffs, I've never worn those before.

  2. That is sooo funny! Winter is totally like dating an ex! Although, I must say that I too love the honeymoon phase;)! That is FREEZING girl! Sending warm and cozy thoughts your way! Your hair looks so cute and I love the layers!

  3. Aaaw dear, you look absolutely adorable in your blue coat! I love winter outfits with many layers like this one! Warm cardi, big boots and all. But I admit our winter here is not really cold compared to your Canadian one, so I get it that people stop loving it after a while.

  4. it's totally like dating en ex...perfect! i love your cozy outfit, though. those boots are amazing!

  5. Ha- a perfect analogy for winter!

    Also, you look so darn darling and cozy, especially with the earmuffs.

  6. Girl, you look beautiful! Your hair looks amazing pulled up and I love the coat/boats. So perfect.

  7. Oh you look so cute dresses for the extreme cold. My coworker was telling me about her boots today that are designed for -20 below temps. Think they are called Khombu.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  8. Oooh, I adore this outfit of layers Samantha! You look so gorgeous in that blue coat.
    Haha, although I have to laugh and completely agree. Winter is a bad ex that we just keep going back to...sigh. We never learn, do we? ;)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  9. I love cardigans and the oversized ones are my favorites. Yours is so beautiful and cozy. I love your coat too. It gave the perfect touch of color to this amazing outfit. You look so chic, gorgeous and stylish!

  10. This outfit looks so cozy! I love your blue jacket especially, what a gorgeous color! Also, what an accurate description of winter. Bleck, the absolute worst - especially after Christmas.


  11. I love the print on your sweater! What a great thrift find! xo

  12. haha..I love how you compared the winter to dating an ex... pretty clever ! I really love that gorgeous wool sweater! stunning :) great outfit!

  13. I agree, I only like winter for a short period then I get sick of it! It has been so cold here this past week (close to -40) and I am pretty much done with it! LOL! Love the way you layered your look! Your blue coat is just perfect over any outfit! Warm and stylish!


  14. I love the furry boots- and your bright red lip! So pretty!


  15. I seem to have this problem with just about every season! I miss the sunshine of summer, but when I comes I realize I hate the heat; I miss the beauty of winter, but I hate the cold! The only season I don't feel this way about is fall. I love fall dearly.
    Lovely outfit, I especially like your makeup!


    Kalie H.


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