Thursday, December 27, 2012

De Die In Diem

The fairies went from the world, dear, 
Because men's hearts grew cold: 
And only the eyes of children see 
What is hidden from the old...
   Kathleen Foyle 

Outfit:  Black Dress (Talula), Red Dress (Thrifted), 
Coat (Forever 21), Bag (Thrifted), Infinity Scarf (Thrifted)

    Seasons Greetings! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas; quality time spent with loved ones opening carefully and artfully wrapped gifts. I myself had a great Christmas, my family lives in a different city and I didn't get to go see them this year so instead I spent time with the bf's family. I'm excited to do some posts featuring the new clothes I received for Christmas! But for now, the clothes at hand... I absolutely adore this dress from Aritzia,  the button straps I find are just too cute! 
  I've thought it might be a good idea to include my outdoor winter looks in my blog, for all of us who experience snow and below zero temperature for half the year! This coat is fairly new to me, isn't the colour fabulous?! It's so bright and happy, a nice contrast to the usual black coat. And I have blue eyes, so it may just do me some justice haha. 

Until next time, 
xo The Rag Trade 

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Arrange whatever pieces come your way.
   Virginia Woolf

Outfit: Plaid Wool Skirt (Thrifted), Blouse (Thrifted), Bag (Thrifted), Wedge Boots ( Le Chateau)

   Nothing beats the cold like wool; we have become the best of friends! I've surrounded myself with wool hats, scarves, mitts, sweaters, socks, and lately wool skirts. Long ones are nice, and perfect for winter, but I find they can be tricky to pair boots with. In the fall I opt for flats, but when I have to go out and about flats won't cut it, so boots with heels it is. I don't often wear heels, perhaps once a week, and wearing them to walk around town and do last minute Christmas shopping was brutal! I was going to wear this outfit to a friend's Christmas shindig before I got chocolate all over my white shirt.... white clothing and me do not mix well, I'm much too clumsy for that! Have a fun time getting ready for the Holidays! 

Until next time, 
xo The Rag Trade 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Seeking Scarlet

I was wise enough to never grow up, while fooling people into believing I had.
   Margaret Mead

Outfit: Wool Sweater (Thrifted), Skirt (Thrifted orginally/DIY), Shirt (Vera Moda), 
Owl Necklace (Thrifted), Leather Boots (Thrifted), Hat (Aldo), Leather Belt (Thrifted)

 I don't like to throw anything out. I'm no hoarder, I just find if I throw something out I end up wanting to use it a week or two later. That, and I hate creating garbage; landfills are big enough! Loving Pinterest, one always finds great ideas to re-do clothes or household items. And that is why I kept this top for ages albeit never wearing it. With a little cutting and sewing, and not much of it, it became a new skirt for me! The rayon fabric makes it a very movable skirt and easy to sew. I find when re-creating a shirt/little girl's dress into a skirt it's easiest when that clothing item has a empire waist. That is where you can cut the item in two and easily fix the waistband to your liking. Rayon is extremely stretchy so I didn't have to use a zipper or buttons, but with cotton or other fabrics they might be required. 

Happy Holidays!
xo The Rag Trade

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Telling Turquoise

Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true. 
    L. Frank Baum 

Outfit: Skirt (Forever 21), Shirt (Thrifted), Flats (Thrifted), Pocket watch Necklace (Thrifted)

    I must say, I feel as if I'm a ballerina in this skirt. It most likely has something to do with the skirt's bell shape mixed with a sheer, light, flowy fabric. This turquoise isn't a colour I would normally wear, I prefer browns and greens, but I love how the bright colour just pops! I do like to wear black a lot and it's nice to enliven such a drab colour. Although, there's nothing wrong with a complete black ensemble! 

Until next time, 
xo The Rag Trade

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Animals are such agreeable friends- they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms. 
    George Eliot

Outfit: Sweater (Le Chateau), Top (Le Chateau), Satchel (Thrifted), Knit Infinity 
Scarf (Thrifted), Boots (Vintage), Belt (Thrifted), Necklace (Vintage) Ring & Earrings (Magnolia)

   I'm usually not one for animal print, but once in a while I like to don it. The black and white combo is also something I usually don't wear, I tend to find it rather harsh. But it doesn't hurt to do something different once in a while does it? I must mention my locket pendant as well- it was my great-grandmother's.  I love vintage jewelry, especially pieces given by family members. I find the floral pattern on the face of this locket to be the finest detail, it's what gives the pendant that vintage feel. Well, that's all for now. Have a wonderful weekend! 

xo The Rag Trade

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Mad for Plaid

A man does not plant a tree for himself. He plants it for prosperity.
    Alexander Smith

Good day!

   This is what I wore yesterday, which was a beautifully warm day. I thought it was a perfect look for a coffee date with a friend and a family dinner. This is the debut of my new blazer, and I absolutely adore it! Personally, I can't get enough of plaid, my closet is full of it. I love the navy blue and green together; wouldn't it look great with a red dress? I must mention my boots as well, they're my favourite! They're leather, so extremely warm, and lace-up, making it very easy to adjust for thicker or thinner socks and leg warmers.  Until next time! 

xo, The Rag Trade

Plaid  Blazer: GAP
Hat: Aldo
Black Dress: Thrifted
Black Leather Boots:Vintage
Brown Belt: Thrifted 


Sunday, December 02, 2012

DIY Bird's Nest Pendant

Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn't people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them.
     Rose Kennedy

    I present here my bird nest pendents! A co-worker of mine was wearing one that she had made, and I loved it right away! It's nature-themed and I can make it myself, what's not to love? I was surprised that I hadn't come across this idea before since I'm an avid Do-It-Yourselfer, not to mention I have Pinterest bookmarked. 
    I just love birds too, although I would never own one. I think it's terribly cruel to keep them caged. Birds were meant to fly! When I'm out walking with my dog I will crumple a leaf in my hand, and the birds think it's  food, or at least they must, since they never cease to come and land on my hand. I love it! 
    Better yet, these pendants are incredibly easy to make, and require only a few materials. All you need is: wire, beads (oval or round, any colour), a bail, and scissors, that's all! The size of your beads with determine the size of the pendent, I made ones for both a long chain and a princess-length chain. I picked a pearly white bead for more of an elegant look, and for a more rustic look I picked beads that were almost grainy, and cream coloured. Hope you had a great weekend! 

xo, The Rag Trade

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rubicund Sweater Weather

If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased.
      Katherine Hepburn

Good day all!

It’s snowing! Both in my picture, and as I type. It’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong, it just takes so much effort to leave the house! Getting used to it is the only option though, for many months of snow are to come… so bring on the big sweaters, clunky boots, and the feeling of looking like Randy from A Christmas Story!

I don’t don red often, but it’s growing on me! I got this sweater from my sister’s closet, years ago, and have yet to give it back haha….And I suppose my fur belt needs mentioning, especially since it’s such a controversial topic. I only wear vintage fur. Yes, it probably just helps me sleep better at night, but vintage is okay, new is not….

Until another time, ta-ta!
xo, The Rag Trade

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sticks and Stones

Not all those who wander are lost.
   J.R.R. Tolkien

Hi there!

  So this is my debut blog post, and to be honest, I'm a little nervous as well as excited all at the same time! Since the temperature is dropping even more now that December is approaching, layering is a must. Scarf, hat, leg warmers, mitts...all are needed! And to think the cold has only just begun!
    As is plain to see my style is not fancy, or anything special . Just simple, and comfortable. I try to consider the environment in everything that I do, and that is why I shop mainly at thrift stores...and this outfit is an example of that! Thanks for checking my post!

                                                                 Hat: Aldo
                                       Brown Infinity Scarf: Gift
                                                        Boots: Thrifted
                                                 Beige Top: Thrifted
                                               Brown Top: Thrifted
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