Monday, January 27, 2014

Punta a las Dia

Never doubt that a small group of
thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world; indeed, it is
the only thing that ever has.
    Margaret Mead
You know you're Canadian when it's -20, you look outside and you say, "What
a wonderful day for snowshoeing!"  That whole crazy Canuck nickname is
completely warranted.  Although I really do dislike winter, it is undeniably a
beautiful time of year.  It's the only time you can stand still and be surrounded
by dead silence. No birds chirping. No leaves rustling. Nothing but the sound
of your own breathing. It's an unforgiving place. You are not the ruler, but
the subject here. And I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! 

I find I need outings such as this. I care for these darn trees and sometimes
living downtown in a city I forget how wonderful nature is and how important
it is to preserve it all. I'm way beyond thinking recycling is a sufficient enough
action, but there's always room for improvement. Every so often I will add to
my list little pledges that help the environment. A few that I have already
committed to are: buying only used books and not buying magazines, about
80% of our things are second hand, never ever use plastic water bottles, use
energy efficient light bulbs, I have fast food about once a year (and it's icky),
I've looked for jobs that use the least amount of transportation (I work from
home at the moment), I cut my own hair, don't dye it, and I most often air
dry it, etc.....But like I said, there's always room for improvement. I've started
thinking about taking the extra step. Our landfills are out of control.  
 I truly mean it when I say it is darn near impossible to buy things
that have not been made in China. Why are we still using dirty coal? Why
are we and the animals we raise for food eating so much of some form
of corn? When did spend, don't mend become the unspoken mantra?
A nation needs to tap its resources (whether it be nickle, gold, etc.) in a
manner that does not destroy the land making it an unlivable wasteland.
I apologize for getting heavy here, but things need to change and
we all have the power to make it happen, never underestimate it!
GAP (Gift) // Down Vest
GAP (Gift) // Scarf
American Eagle // Wool Sweater
Thrifted // Long sleeve shirt
Sorrel // Joan of Arctic Boots
Thrifted // Leg Warmers


  1. Such a wonderful pics! Love the scarf :)

  2. Cool photos! I've never lived anywhere, where it snowed, so seeing all of you wearing snow shoes is interesting.

  3. If only we could get everyone to commit to such a cause!
    Its good to do your part too though, and it inspires others (like me) to join in.
    Anyway, you crazy beautiful snow shoeing pics though!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. What a magical scenery!!! Hope you had a lovely trip.

  5. You're awesome, dude! Sadly I will still buy plastic bottles (only 'cause I love that diet lipton tea stuff and they have it on campus.. hnnng.. but they have recycling cans, too!), but I haven't eaten fast food since middle school and ride my bike everywhere I can.

    I agree about the corn thing. That just pisses me off. Why is everything made from corn?! Clean eating for the win!

    This scenery is so pretty. Eeep. And you fit into it just well. :)

  6. Very inspiring post :) I brought some stainless steel utensils to work so my coworkers wouldn't keep using and throwing away the plastic ones but they still end up using the plastic ones It really bothers me haha. Anyways, the snow looks so lovely in these photos and you look very majestic in the last one. I've never been snowshoeing but it sounds like a nice way to escape from the busyness of life.

  7. You described the snow perfectly, being in the dead silence with only your own breath. It's such a freeing yet lonely feeling all at the same time.

    I'm still waiting for snow in England. We had a bit for about 10 mins last week. Now it just rains. Pft.

    I didn't know snow shoes were a real thing, haha!

    Corinne x

  8. well aside from wondering how you survived in that temp w/ what i consider barely bundeld, i loooved this post!! and you look adorable and so happy. i've alwyas wanted to go snow shoeing, it's so beautiful there. and most importantly, i love everything you just said! i also get so frustrated how ppl just toss things right away, or donate it, thinking someone else would want your broken/ripped thing and it makes it ok to buy a new one. kuddos to you!!


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