Thursday, January 23, 2014

Are You Froid?

There was a small boy of Quebec
Who was buried in snow to his neck
When they said, "Are you friz?"
He replied, "Yes I is -
But we don't call this cold in Quebec."
     Rudyard Kipling
It is freakin' frackin' cold out! It's been a mean winter this year, it truly has. Again
the temp has dropped to a brutal -30. The sky is clear, blue, and the sun shines
brightly. There is no warmth though. The streets are empty and quiet. The wind
cuts like a knife and leaves you praying for those hot, sweaty summer days. 
I miss those days of laying down in the cool grass while feeling the heat of the
sun on my skin.  I miss those days that I turn to the wind and allow it to wash
over me, much unlike now where I shield myself from it for it is my enemy.
At first I thought taking photos on a day like this was just ludicrous, but then I
realized that it's days like this that our fashion style is stumped the most. You have
no idea how many layers I am wearing! Under all this wool (a must) I am bundled
 under fleece leggings, a  skirt slip, leg warmers, a t-shirt, and a long sleeve shirt.
I have to admit, I have been watching the Discovery Channel's new mini show
Klondike and it got me thinking about winter fashion. I was rather excited when
this show was aired for I had read a book about the Yukon gold rush and was
very intrigued by this fascinating world of extreme weather, breathtakingly 
beautiful scenery, big dreamers, and unlawful men. When people traveled to the
Yukon, gold pushing them forward, one of the biggest killers was the weather. 
 Victorian women soon realized that the fashion in style at the time would not
suffice in a land governed by Mother Nature.  Now, I'm not about to compare
myself to the pioneer woman of the north, but I did have them in mind. So
when I got dressed I looked into my closet and picked the warmest pieces.
Add a belt to keep some what of a lady-like shape and we're good to go!
American Apparel // Wool Beret, Colour: Bordeaux
American Eagle // Wool Sweater
Magnolia // Silver Leaf Pendant
Thrifted // Belt
Thrifted // Wool Plaid Skirt
Roots // Leather Gloves
Thrifted // Boots


  1. That skirt is just so cute! Hope that some warm heads your way soon!


  2. i just blinked slowly at "-30", are you serious? won't you die going outside? haha when people in the States were complaining about that polar vortex, i kept hearing canadians pipe in "that's a cake walk". so true apparently ;) also, that skirt is crazy amazing.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  3. jaja where did the name of your blog come from? :D

    REally nice pictures by the way :) you look gorgeous

    Thank you for your lovely comment!

    Facebook / Instagram /Twitter / Chicisimo

    - Hannah's Heels

  4. Aaaaw the hair and make up! And such a prettybgirly and wintery outfit! You look like a doll, sooo pretty! :)

    Yup, I'm going to Australia for a year because my boyfriend is from there ;)

  5. I think you look pretty semi-pioneer woman. ;) Maybe even a bit "Little House on the Prairie?" haha, I don't know if you ever read those back in the day. That skirt is absolutely darling! The colors on it are so classy and match your hair so well. :D

  6. Holy cow, that's a lot of layers! Haha, way to find a way to be stylish and warm at the same time :)
    Love how well you always wear plaid and what not! And I have to agree with Ali, you're like an updated version of a pioneer woman haha

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. Oh man. I might be in love with you. The non-creepy type of in love, of course - just in case your frightened.

    I stumbled upon your website and saw your name, the first thing I did was read your name then texted my person/bff (who is Canadian herself) with a picture of your header and said 'She sounds like a porn star'. I then went on to read the fun fun fun poem at the start of this post and texted her that too. The Quebec/Canadian thing - if it amused me I'm sure it would amuse her more. Then I read your sidebar where told me not to fear, I had not stumbled upon a porn site, and texted her that too.

    I am highly amused and intrigued. You have def earned a follow!

    The outfit is lovelyyyy! I love the skirt and hat. Hope you're having a great weekend =)

    Corinne x

  8. I am also dealing with this frigid cold! Lovely outfit though! Layering is everything!

  9. I absolutely love this outfit. It's beautiful. Perfect colors and your hair is so pretty!

  10. Your outfit does kind of have a Victorian vibe. I absolutely love your beret, it's such a gorgeous color. I've been really wanting to get a beret for myself. And your plaid skirt is super cute too. Hope you're keeping warm in that freezing weather!

  11. Incredible style and blog! :)

    I would like to invite you to my blog! I would be so happy if we support each other on GFC, Facebook and maybe Bloglovin!
    I will follow right back and I will like your page on Facebook from my personal account when you do so, just let me know!

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  12. This is absolutely adorable! I can't believe how brave you are for taking pictures in that kind of cold. I could never do that! haha You Canadians are crazy ;) Seriously though, this skirt is the best.

  13. Love those shoes! And the whole outfit is very "me". You are so natural, I like it.

  14. those boots are such a beautiful color and i'm impressed how much of this is thrifted! and now everything makes sense, the layers under that we dont see haha. but somehow you dont look bulky in them at all, i guess u prob learn that growing up in canada. anyway, you look so great in untucked, belted sweaters over skirts! i dont feel like that look works for my figure, so i esp love seeing u in it. and love that plaid skirt!


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