Thursday, January 30, 2014

Trade Slave

Yesterday, as I got dressed in no particular rush and chose whatever
I wanted to wear sans restrictions, a deep wave of content washed
over me. I love my job. These four little words are rarely put together
in a sentence and even more rare is the utterance of this sentence.
Despite its rarity, loving your job, or at least being somewhat content,
is paramount to our everyday happiness (and I don't necessarily mean
happiness in the form of jumping up and down in glee thinking about
work. I simply mean not dreading and regretting each day). I never
take the fact that I enjoy my job for granted, years of terrible part-time
jobs make sure that I don't. 
I'm happy to no longer be forced to sell a puppy to a woman who asks,
"And what do dogs eat and drink?" as she searches her purse for her
wallet. If you are unaware of that animal's requirements, it really should
not be bought on a whim. Everything you've heard about pet stores are
true (I've worked at several). We've received puppies and kittens taken
from their mothers way too soon and they're placed in the back until
they are old enough to be sold (two months). Ever wonder what's
happening behind the scenes at your favourite restaurant?  You'd
probably be better off not's a place of social politics
and where sexual harassment runs rampant. I've had a woman flash
me her private parts and I know of people who have rubbed their
privates on kitchen utensils. Things dropped on the dirty floor?
 Fair game. Please remember: I am only the messenger! I've
worked at both low and high end restaurants. The only difference
between the two: the nicer the restaurant, the better clothes
the managers wear.Older men have offered my 15 year old self
 private driving lessons in the boonies and women have called my 
23 year old self "a dumb teenage bitch." You can see it's a world I
wanted desperately wanted out of!
Thankfully, I don't have to deal with those things anymore! That doesn't
mean it's always smooth sailing, but no more verbal assault and
cleaning up poop that somehow ended up on the washroom stall door.
If you are suffering from explosive diarrhea, please, stay home, don't
make some poor part-time sucker, probably a student, clean up after
you. For those of you who don't know what I do to pay the bills, I type
court transcripts and I absolutely love it. It's a job where there's always
room for growth, it never ceases to teach me something new, I get to
make my own hours, and most relevant to this blog: I get to wear what
ever I want. No work wardrobe pour moi! How about yourself? Have you
found enjoyment in the work that you do or are you still searching?
Thrifted // Beret
Thrifted // Cardigan
Thrifted // Scarf
DIY // Jewelry
Thrifted // Dress
Thrifted // Belt
Thrifted // Boots
Thrifted // Leg Warmers
Thrifted // Bag


  1. What a great idea to tie your scarf with a belt! I'm sure I saw it somewhere on Pinterest or whatever but thanks to your outfit it just appeared for me as a lovely idea!
    You're lucky to have some snow...


  2. You type court transcripts? Sounds wonderful, especially the no uniform or dress code part! Haha, yeaaaah, I'm definitely still searching a job I'm content with...sigh.
    It's just not happening. I don't know why, but it's really hard to get a decent job in my area. For now, I'm stuck in the restaurant deal, and you know how that is...ugh.
    Anyway, I adore your outfit! Great mix of yellows and browns :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. great colour theme !!
    instagram & twitter: @emilysdiary

  4. Glad that you've found a job you enjoy after reading your horrible stories of past jobs. I don't particularly enjoy my job (it's super boring) but I do work for a good company so at least there's that. Love the yellow sweater on you, great color with your hair.

  5. omg, these experiences sound brutal! so glad you were finally able to find a job you love. i worked in a restaurant before as a hostess and got quite a few nasty comments, but nothing as bad as you described :( kind of makes me never want to eat out! haha. anyway, love the cute layers -- being able to wear anything you want is a major perk!


  6. I love my job as a barista at a local coffee shop. We sell organic, fair trade coffee, too, so that's a plus. I previously worked at a call center, a craft store, and at a web-based screen printing shop, and this is by far the best job. Working for a small business with great owners is the way to go, in my opinion.

  7. That's awesome Sam! It's definitely a rarity. I'm currently working in real estate, but I feel like after 7 years...I have lost that passion and drive. And it's so hard finding something else. Like finding my purpose...why I'm here....and what I'm meant to do. So many questions so little time lol. Anyways, enough about me...I love this look! I love how you belted the scarf, cardigan, and dress! Such a pretty color combo!

  8. Hi dear! Thanks for your lovely comment, I’m always happy to see you on my blog! You look so pretty! I absolutely love your outfit, so stylish, simple and chic! Have a lovely weekend ;-)

  9. wow you look so incredible.
    Really like your sense of style dear!!❤️❤️
    Wish you a beautiful day.
    Love, Mona

  10. Aw aw aw! I love that you like your job so much--it's very refreshing to hear that since so many people complain about their jobs. At least you've got one, you know? I'm glad you're happy with it. Go you! <3

    also, I am laughing and sadly nodding in agreement to the explosive diahhrea (can't even spell it @___@) because I worked at a pool in our neighborhood for 3 years over the summer and have definitely experienced that. Sigh!

    Anyway, I adore the colors in this outfit, my pretty. :D And the way that you belted your scarf over top like that is way creative!

  11. Your job sounds so good! I am so jealous. I'm still servin' coffee beverages to entitled jerks. WOO! I hear these crappy jobs make us better people. In any event, you look really adorable. I love the layering with the belt.

  12. oh wow, that sounds like a rly interesting job actually, and getting to make your own hours sounds amazing. i've been looking for something like that lately but dont know where to start the search (& it'd be only a few months). and mostly, an even bigger wow to your past jobs! that sounds absolutely horrid and makes my crappy part time jobs as a student all sound amazing. poor thing w/ all those rotten ppl : (. but on a happy note, u look darling! i love u in berets and the purple and yellow together.

  13. Thank you so much :) Would love to see your friend now :D

  14. Those things are awful! I'm so sorry you had to work in conditions like that. Jobs early in our lives are never the best I suppose. I am glad you're doing something you love now! it's important to feel as though you can grow in the future. And what a cute outfit! All of the layering going on is fantastic, and I love belting scarves :)

  15. Love this layered look. You are seriously just too cute :)
    xo TJ

  16. I'm officially terrified to go back to another restaurant. But, on the other had, your outfit is adorable! I hope to one day find a place to work at where I will be able to wear whatever I want.

  17. I had no idea you did that for a living; how great to have found a job you love!

    Also, you look adorable and weather appropriate still.


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