Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The Scarlet Sweater

Nine posts in September. A measly nine posts. I've wanted to do more,
believe you me, but when you're a slave to your partner's schedule, you
take what you're given.  This whole relying on Paul to take my pictures
has got me thinking about my independence - or lack there of.  I have a
tripod, stored away somewhere unused due to the absence of confidence.
There's just something about setting up my camera and posing in front of
it all by myself that frightens me more than heights. Props to all those that
do this, how envious of your determination and courage I am!  It's just left
me feeling a little dependent.  I believe this is irking me because I was
raised by a strong, independent mother who always taught me to rely
on myself and not others for what I want.  Create my own dreams 
rather than wait for them to come to me.  Still, with all this in mind
my tripod remains untouched, my timidness continues, and there's
the realization I'm no Nellie McClung.  I'm no heroine, I'm more like
the doubtful best friend.  Sigh.  I want to be the heroine of my life.
So, how does one become fearless and in control? Where's the how-
to for dummy's when you need it? Would there even be such a thing?
I'm pretty sure I said before that bare-leg season is done. How wrong I
was! This is good news though. Now my pasty legs, that despite spending
plenty of time outside this summer remained remarkably pale, can get
some last minute sun. Soon enough I'll be Randy from A Christmas Story
and only my nose and the apples of my cheeks will be exposed to receive
the needed Vitamin D.  But for now the options for layering are endless.
 I was a little too warm in this cozy wool sweater but my heart was set
on this outfit - an outfit that made me feel as if I should be at the front
of the class teaching a bunch of kindergartners.  All I needed was a 
delicious, deep-red apple. 'Cause you know, teachers walk around with
apples in their hands. Proven fact.  I don't know about you but when I 
think of apples my mind goes to the evil stepmother in Snow White, not
kind, happy-go-lucky teachers. That and apple crisp. Nothing beats hot-
out-of-the-oven apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. Not much anyways.
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  1. So cute- love the fall leaves too- here in so cal, they take forever to change- haha- Alex

  2. Mmmmm, apple know, I've got a platter full of apples just waiting to be used for a baked treat like that... :)
    Ah and I know, its so hard to take your own pictures! But it can be rewarding when they turn out. It just requires a lot of running back and forth between the camera and your location haha. You should test it out though!
    Love your bright cardigan against this pretty print dress :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. I feel you! I'm a new blogger, but already super dependent on my boyfriend. I have a tripod but have never used it - I prefer him to take my shots. He doesn't live with me so getting photos is a little tricky. He's also a foot taller than me so my proportions always look off. I'm just scared of breaking out of what I know and trying it a new way. It's so much easier with a partner! They can immediately tell you if you blinked and need to re-shoot or if you need to turn a little bit more toward the camera. Anyhoo, was just popping by your blog from the Modcloth Style Gallery! Take care!

    A Coin For the Well

  4. ah, your hair is just so lovely! i adore the colors in this outfit here, so perfect!

    lindsey louise

  5. First off, I love the title of this post haha. And you look wonderful in red! Definitely a cuter outfit than any of my teachers ever wore. I was pretty terrified to go out and use my tripod on my own at first and I still feel completely awkward in front of it but I try to focus more on the fact that I will feel defeated if I don't take the pictures and that inspires me to just get over my fears. I'm sure you can muster up the courage to go out and test your tripod :)

    Oh and true story, I've never seen red leaves like that in real life. I envy you for living somewhere that has a real autumn. And apple crisp is the best!

  6. I rely on my husband to take my photos too. Luckily we've got a schedule down which I'm able to stick to most of the time. I'm SO happy that it warmed up and I can wear my summer clothes for one last hurrah :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Scarf Giveaway!

  7. first of all, you look adorable. second, i barely had 10 posts myself and only a handful were outfit pics. It's definitely hard relying on your schedule and the sched of others. If you have a good camera and tripod, I say break it out! you can do it!


  8. Love this outfit! That dress is so beautiful! You are just gorgeous btw!


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