Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Page Turner: White Oleander

So. Here I am with book numero dos. I keep wondering
as to why I even started this thing, but I figure
it'll help me keep my reading up. Like so many things
in life, I don't read as much I used to nor as much
as I would like to. I'm hoping that I read a book
that you've read before and some conversation is
sparked! For this addition of Look, it's a Book
Ms. Fitch's novel is a little more well known than
the last one I covered - some of this is contributed
to Hollywood and Oprah I'm sure. 
Now, I don't want to be overly critical, because
I don't necessarily think this novel was lousy,
but I found it a little young for me. The only
reason I chose it anyways, was because it was
sitting on my shelf unread and I had nothing
else to undertake. That being said, the poetic
narrative was highly engrossing, which was what
saved me from putting it back on the shelf. 

You're going to see a pattern in my reading, that's
for sure. While I don't tend to stick to one 
genre, time period, or country for literature, I
have noticed a similarity in the books I've read.
There's something about the poor man's plight that
profoundly speaks to me. I myself come from a
relatively poor family and one could say there is a
sense of relation with the lower class characters
of the novels I read. In regards to this novel
specifically, while I've never been in foster
care I did spend part of my fifteenth year in a
group home. Although, Astrid, you had to deal with
drama I would never even want to wish upon my
worst enemy. *SPOILER* While I've never been shot,
living in a group home was not all peachy keen.
I remember most this girl named Olga; was she ever
miserable and did she ever torment me! Too many
times did I walk down the steps to my basement
bedroom to find my room in a state of a tornado's
aftermath. All my posters would be ripped off the
wall and thrown about the room in pieces. The drawers
of the dresser were taken out and my clothes were
strewn on the floor. Oh, and malicious Olga sure
did get a kick out of me mopping. She would come
and kick my bucket causing dirty water to spill
over the freshly cleaned floor. If only I had
little talking critters and I would be set to
star in my own Disney movie! It wasn't until
she threatened my life that she was removed from
 the home...How I hope you're chewing on some karma
now, Olga! I think there is some sort of self
satisfaction when you read about someone who has
a less than idea life. Well, maybe not exactly a
feeling of satisfaction, but you do tend to stop
being so harsh on yourself. Come on, anyone watch
Shameless? When I watch that show I instantly feel
as if my life is glamorous. 
You might be wondering: was it worth reading? 
Hmmm....if you're into that whole Lolita thing,
then yes. Personally, that book irked me beyond
belief. There's something about the loss of
one's innocence that deeply saddens me. If I
could forever wear my overalls riding my bike
with my sister pretending they were horses and
we were cowgirls, then I would. Life isn't like
that though. Girls grow up. We start to doubt
ourselves. My blonde hair, which had always been
a subject of compliment when I was young, was
dyed almost black due to the intense desire to
look like everyone else. I suppose I did take
something from this novel, which coincidentally
mirrors the last novel's theme: the empowerment
of women. Wouldn't my professors of my women's
studies classes be proud of me now! 

What will I be reading next?
by Raja Rao


  1. I read this book when I was young and then I watched the subpar film, but I really loved it as a kid. It was a very strong and dark read. The poetic narrative totally made it and I don't know if I would like it now, but I certainly loved it at some point.

  2. Hmmm, I'm intrigued by this novel. It has an interesting cover, and that always pulls me in. Aha, good design makes me curious. And wow, Olga was aptly named...aha. Sounds like a horrible bully to have faced. Glad you made it through that though!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Never heard of it before. Not gonna read it anyway :-)

  4. This sounds really interesting. It is good to keep up with some reading. I haven't liked reading much in the past but recently a found a love for biographes and it hs got me into reading big time.

  5. i really liked this book and movie. i also liked janet fitch's other novel "paint it black". i like young adult fiction, and i don't mind dark. i think i want to go to the library and read them again, cause it's been awhile.


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