Friday, September 05, 2014

Mountain Mania

I'm torn. And no, not torn a la Natalie Imbruglia circa 1997. I'm
torn between wanting to be a mermaid and swim the world's waters
for the rest of my life and wanting to be a mountain nomad.  I don't
think it helps that I'm listening to William Elliot Whitmore's deep
husky voice and the playing of his banjo. Paul would run into the
woods and never come out if he had his way. Kobe, I think he'd
pick the ocean - being a baby city dog, he's actually kind of afraid
of deep, dark forests. Maybe this island is ideal, an island of 
equilibrium.  And although these mountains don't compare to those of
British Columbia, where the tips seem to tickle the clouds, these
are remarkable in their own right. These photos are from our way
back home, driving again along the Cabot Trail. This time we made
stops at quaint shops nestled between trees up in the mountains and
drove through more small fishing villages that hugged the coastline.
Every minute of this drive was spectacular and breathtaking, and I
think we're going to come to come back in the heart of autumn when
the mountains are exploding with colour. Just imagine the sights!
- Oh, do I have plans for you, lobster trap. - 
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  1. oh my goodness, i can only IMAGINE how gorgeous that's going to be during the fall. and that first photo is stunning- it looks like something right out of an editorial. also, i think i'd go with the woods/mountains. mostly because i never learned how to swim and have to hold my nose. i'd be a pretty sucky mermaid ;)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. ooo i love your blog's redesign! so fitting with your new location. what a gorgeous place you live in! can't believe you're already wearing jean jackets up there. fall is definitely on its way!


  3. Wow, these photos are absolutely stunning. I am always in awe of the landscapes of our world and the beauty of water, hills, and trees. You look perfectly nautical and fitting for being near the water too! So beautiful!

  4. Happy to find your blog!If you want visit mine :)



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