Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Summer's Flower

New life plan: become a sunflower farmer. How beautiful life would
be to wake up in the morning and see hundreds of sunny faces smiling
happily at me. These cheerful flowers would be my friends and family.
They would bring joy to each and every day. They would bring new
meaning to simplicity. My music would be the murmur of the bees and
the leaves rustling in the wind. My hands would be covered in dirt and
I would exclaim that my fingernails are never clean. At night, on the
porch of my farm house that overlooked my fields of yellow, I would
 sit in my wooden rocking chair and bask in the night's warm breeze.
Care to join me in my overly romanticized world?

And now back to reality. Autumn is just around the corner, and the
signs are beginning to show. Some trees are eager to change and their
tips are the colour of fire. The nights are reminiscent of the peak of
summer, but the nights hold a coldness to them that has me bundling
up for warmth. The farmer's market has exploded with apples and
pumpkins, and pies of both. Fields are full of rolled hay and yards
are full of cut wood.  While I do find myself drawn towards
warmer colours, I'm not ready for the tights, boots, or sweaters just
yet.  I want cute flats and bare arms and legs. The time for layering
will come, there's no doubt about that. On a recent thrifting outing
it would appear that autumn was on my mind, for everything I chose
belonged to the brown colour spectrum, such as this linen dress. 
Often considered a drab colour, I find brown to be down-to-earth.
Just say these colours out loud: burnt sienna, caramel, coffee, copper,
chocolate, chestnut. Doesn't that make you all warm inside - and maybe
a bit hungry? I'm happy though, autumn seems to be the only time
of year that wearing brown actually gets you compliments!
All items thrifted


  1. I love these photos, I wish I could spend all my time next to a sunflower field! And you look cute, too!


  2. These photos are absolutely stunning! I'm so jealous of your gorgeous locations. Neutrals look great on you, especially with your hair! Actually, I'm quite certain you can pull off any colour. <3


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