Thursday, September 25, 2014

Reader on the Roof

It's official, autumn is here.  At this point every fashion, photography,
and food blogger can be seen twirling joyfully like Maria in The Sound
of Music (sans the mountains and song-bird voice). In the land of four
seasons - not to be confused with the 1960's American band that shares
the same name - everyone celebrates the death of nature. This is most
evident through the smiles we display whenever we hear that crunch
of dead leaves beneath our feet - oh, how sadistic our pleasures can be!
I'm no different than the rest of them, my uniqueness does not apply
to autumn, I too get school-girl giddy over the season. Who doesn't
love the ability to layer after a summer of relentless heat? I know
I do - I mean, boy, can Canada ever get hot! This is the time of year
we all get that itch to bake. Cooling temperatures are less apparent
when you're boiling up in the kitchen from all that heat emanating
from the oven. And speaking of autumnal baking and cooking, our
desire to be in the kitchen revolves around the basic human need to
fatten ourselves up before winter - let us not pretend it is anything
but! Before the age of grocery stores with their never-ending supplies
winters were hard and people actually died. This is what my mind
turns to when I think of autumn - that and red, lots and lots of red. 
Glasses c/o Firmoo
All else thrifted

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  1. Ahh Samantha you changed your blog name and design! I love it! Totally fitting and unique:)! Happy fall to you girlfriend! I too get school girl giddy over fall:)! It's such a beautiful season! I'm ready for pumpkin spice everything haha! And yes, i haven't baked in what feels like ages. I don't know why, but hopefully I'll get back into the baking spirit. I love this outfit! What a perfect way to welcome fall with red and yellow:)!


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