Thursday, May 22, 2014

DIY: Handmade Floral Crown

The sun is out and the grass is green - it's time to put on that pretty summer dress
and don a floral crown! These little things are magical.  As soon as you place one
upon your head you are instantly transported to another realm. Angels are singing
and harps are playing. All you desire is a meadow to run through deliriously happy.
It may be no secret that I dream of being a mischievous fairy working  for Mama N!

Living in a big city I feel that my floral crowns clash worse than a gangsta at a
Renaissance fair. In a little over a week I will live in a house with a forest to the
left of me and the Atlantic ocean to the right of me and no longer shall I feel out
of place with my wanna-be fairy princess 'tude. I have three floral crowns made
from the usual faux-flowers, but when perusing Pinterest I came across these
delicate floral crowns made from wire and nail polish - how original! Since this is
not my original idea and I very much stuck to the instructions given by someone
else, I'll just give the link (here) and just show my finished project. These were a
tad more difficult than the fake flower crowns and took a hell of a lot more time,
but the end result is totally worth the work! Enjoy!


  1. These are adorable and perfect for summer! As usual, wishing I had motivation to do something like this haha

  2. love LOVE this DIY. i know you got the instructions from pinterest, but you made the end product look amazing! sounds like the place you're moving is going to be beautiful!


  3. Woah, that is insanely beautiful! It looks like so much work though, what an accomplishment for you to make two- I would never have the patience! Both are so lovely.


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