Thursday, June 05, 2014

Finally Home

We made it at last! 48 hours, 19 hours of driving, 1,700 kilometers of
road, 4 provinces, and 2 extremely tired people. After all that the three
of us definitely needed to stretch our legs and boy does this new place
allow it! There's just so much space! I ran around the house twirling in
disbelief as to how much room I have the first day of being here. It's so
strange to go from a tiny apartment in the heart of downtown (which had
extremely thin walls might I add - ahem, people getting frisky) to this.
I'm starting to fit right into this small town though - look at our wood
choppin' and the laundry out on the line! Oh, I'm just hoping the novelty
of all this doesn't wear off, hah. And you can probably tell how much I 
adore our new home, so much so that yeah, I might have been inspired
by the colours... 
DIY // Necklace
O'Neill // Dress
Thrifted // Belt
Some downtown Ottawa boutique // Tights
Thrifted // Shoes


  1. congrats on your new home -- it's beautiful! it must be so exciting to go from living in an apt. to having a house of your own :)


  2. oh my gosh, it looks like it's from a story book!! i love the happy, yellow color and the white trims. this is crazy adorable. and i can't imagine having so much room- i've been stuffed into apartments all my adult life. so i totally feel you on those thin walls haha things can get...awkward.

    Also, LOVE you in maroon. That is most definitely your color!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  3. what a cute little house!

  4. Such a cute house! It is perfect for you. So many good opportunities for fashion pictures, too!

  5. Aaaw it is yellow!! Whaat? Your new home looks so adorable! Magical! Like in one of these children's movies where they move to the countryside and go on adventures in the fields and woods :)
    Your cute doggie seems to be really happy too with all the space.
    I think you guys really fit in there. I wish you all the best in your new home! :)

  6. Aaaah yay! Finally home! And you even ran to make a blog post about it, you determined girl, you! I'm glad that you're getting some resting time in. You have an adorable house--yellow and surrounded by woods?! Uumm, talk about dreamy!

    I adore the deep red on you, and your hair is goorgeemous as usual. :D Have a great, relaxing weekend, my love!! <3

  7. Ohhh my worrrrrd! Your home is freaking ADORABLE! Yellow, chopping wood, a laundry line...sigh. One day, I want to live in a house like that :)
    You look so lovely and happy too! Love your lacy tights and the way that dress pops against the yellow slats of your home <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  8. That's your house?? So adorable! We have houses like this in the city but I can only afford to dream of living in one haha. You look so cute in the pictures too.


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