Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sun, Sand, and Smiles

Cardigan // My Mom's
Shirt // Thrifted
Necklace // Bootlegger
Skirt // Thrifted
Flats // Aldo
Satchel // Garage Sale (Jules and James)

Nova Scotia is notorious for it's fickle weather and it's rain, so when the
weather's even remotely warm and sunny Paul, Kobe, and I can be found
at the beach. Apparently this is usually a foggy month, but we've been
gifted with such beautiful weather! Over the weekend we took advantage
of the warm weather and took a drive to Main-a-Dieu, the most easterly
community in NS. It's a small fishing village with a population just a little
over 200, but does it ever have a lovely sandy beach! Sometimes I like
to look out at the ocean, feel the wind, and imagine it's the early
1900's and I'm Anne Shirley. And Kobe has to be one of the luckiest
and happiest dogs. How he ever survived in the city before all this, I'm not
sure! He's having the time of his life jumping in the waves, running wildly
free down the beach, and exploring new territory. It's all in the simple things!


  1. Omg that picture of Kobe is adorable! Really...all I need is sea, sand, and sun! You look beautiful girl! I love these pictures! So picturesque!

  2. Hehe, oh yes, I can tell from that photo of Kobe that he's loving your new location!
    From your photos I can see why too <3
    Everything is absolutely darling and makes me want to put on a pretty, simple skirt and stroll around.
    Much like you! ^^

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Your hair looks so lovely and pretty in these. Did you go lighter? I love it! And your town sounds and looks dreamy! I am envious!

  4. it must be so amazing to live near the sea! love that adorable picture of kobe jumping and your necklace is gorgeous.


  5. I love your photos here (and can see how easy it would be imagine being Anne of Green Gables!)

  6. Beau-ti-ful! The pictures and you I mean! ;) Love the floral skirt and matching pink necklace, so cute and girly! And Kobe looks soo happy in the second to last pic! I can totally see that you two love your new place to bits :)


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