Monday, April 15, 2013

You're the One

Outfit: Dress (Thrifted), Necklace (Thrifted), Scarf (GAP), Silver Filigree
Ringand (Magnolia),  Rainboots (Thrifted), Denim Jacket (Thrifted),
Leaf Ring (Magnolia), Hat (Aldo)

     Yes... my arch-nemesis is back. Even with the snow on the ground the temp was at a mild plus seven, so not very chilly yet everything was extremely wet- hence the need for my wellies! 
   I was so very happy to come upon these pair of boots; I tend to have a hard time finding boots with legs that are thin enough. I usually end up with the whole toothpick-in-a-marshmallow look, not the best! That's one reason why I love my black leather boots, the lace-up factor allows me to tighten them to suit my needs. Life is made so much easier when things are comfortable and fit nicely, isn't it?
   I have found myself veering towards blues more often lately. I just think it's such an easy way to wear colour, but perhaps that is because I don't feel out of my element when wearing it (unlike for say, in yellow or orange). And the colour is just one reason this dress is a dress I could live in! Sidebar: It is rayon, which is not my favourite fabric but is what most of my clothes are made of (raindrops leave stain marks on it; terrible to wear on rainy days or even if you happen to spill water on yourself). I'm a big fan of dresses with an empire-waist, I find it's a great shape for petites to wear.  
   Enjoy the week ladies, I know I will, for the high temperatures will surely melt all the snow away! 

Until we meet again!
xo, The Rag Trade 


  1. I've heard blue is a really good colour for those with fair skin, as it brings out the pink tones in fair skin making the wearer look flushed, healthy and rosy. It's a bonus for you as you have blue eyes and the blue brings them out. :)

  2. Soo lovely rainboots <3 You look amazing! :)


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