Sunday, April 28, 2013

Glittery Gold

     Spring weather can be so unpredictable and strange can it not? I see some people wearing their winter coats, and others wearing no coat at all. I see some people in boots, others in less-protective flats.  I see bare legs on some women while others like me are still relying on pantyhose for a little warmth.  However people decide to shed the winter layers, it all symbolizes the heralding of summer.

   As I've previously stated (an exhausting amount I'm sure!) I'm not one for colour. What I like about this blog specifically is that it's causing me to branch out in regards to spring clothing and I find myself not donning simple black ensembles. So blues and whites shall be my colour! I threw in a gold scarf that shimmers beautifully in the sunlight for some brightness as well. 
   Another thing I would like to begin to do (fashion-wise) is to wear various colour/shades at once. As you may have noticed I usually stick to basic outfits of two colours or many shades of one colour (ex. beige, tawny, chocolate brown, tan all worn at once), it's all very matchy-matchy. But yes, I wish to expand the colour schemes of my ensembles. Take today for example, I would normally not wear a red bag. We'll see how this adventure into the world of colour goes for me! 

Outfit: Lace dress (Thrifted), Wool Sweater (Gap), Scarf (Thrifted),
Bag (Thrifted Etienne Aigner), Flats (Fairweather)

   And before I go I would like to share my latest and greatest thrifted find, EVER! This exquisite red leather Etienne Aigner messenger bag. I've been searching for the perfect gray, navy, or red bag for a while now, all to no avail. And then I happened to stumble upon this red gem; it's never been used before and there was not a single scratch on the bag! I of course would never pay full price for an Etienne Aigner bag (perhaps if I could actually afford one it would be a different story- some cost more than my rent!- but that is neither here nor there), although $14.99 sounds about right! So ladies, just keep thrifting, just keep thrifting.
   Hope you all are enjoying a sunny Sunday! 

Until we meet again, 
xo, The Rag Trade 

1 comment:

  1. Your scarf is beautiful and it looks like something I would pick out :)

    Congrats on your great score! Finds that are amazing like that make thrifting so worthwhile. Today I picked up a full length black trench coat for $4 (!!!).


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