Sunday, March 02, 2014

DIY: Boho Necklace

Inspiration found here. I've been practicing making complete dream catchers,
but I need to tweak a few things. So for now I went with an open circle.
- The large metal ring I used was an old earring. That's why it has those
holes, which makes it much, much easier!
And here again with yet another DIY.  Seems as if this blog has taken a little
d-tour. Winter can be a hard time of year when it comes to fashion. Paul
usually works until 5, at which point the sun has set. It's been too cold for me
to even think of removing my parka when I'm outside. My apartment faces the
north, something I didn't think of beforehand which seriously diminishes my
planting ability due to the lack of sun. I prefer to spend my time with friends
in cozy, dimly-lit cafes or dusty used bookstores. Not the best for picture
taking, although I prefer isolated areas for pictures rather than have an audience.
And apparently, it's been record-breakingly cold this winter! I knew I wasn't 
just being a baby.  I wonder if I'd have such an affinity and appreciation of
summer without the winter for a stark contrast.  You'll never catch me
complaining in the summer though: I'm a flower child through and through.

And apparently I've been channeling my inner flower child lately
through jewelry. I've never really been one for diamonds, glitz,
or sparkly things. I prefer neutral, earthy tones and semi-precious
stones. I also find myself moving towards my bohemian side more
and more as of late. Paul and I have been... let's just say, purging
our lives. It hasn't been easy either, especially considering no one
is patting you on the back and saying, "Job well done!" It's all in
the name of a greater cause and unfortunately there's no immediate
reward. Perhaps that is one of the very reasons people ignore
what the earth requires of us at this point. At first taking the stairs
over  the elevator was annoying, but now it's nothing.  And it's
not always easy on the wallet! Finding Canadian made products
is not only time-consuming, difficult, but also more expensive.
We also used to get all of our cleaning products, cream, milk,
and dry goods at Walmart...well, no more of that. It also takes
up a lot of your time. Researching companies and their business
 practices, where our food comes from, what's in our food. etc.
It's enough to make your head spin! I've kind of gotten off track,
but really, fashion tends to be a reflection of our personality, no?


  1. You are so resourceful. Love the looks of this necklace, reminds me of a dream catcher :) And I admire you for the steps you are taking to be more green. I try to do what I can and hopefully our small steps will lead to the world being a much more environmentally friendly place in the future.

  2. Haha, you've been hitting the DIY's hard lately, haven you? This is my favorite one from you though, the dreamcatcher is one of my favorite boho icons <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Look at you, Miss Crafty and Creative! :D This is so much fun! The fact that you can work with jewelry like this floors me. I have a hard enough time fixing a necklace when the lobster clasp falls off, hahaha!

    Winter is hard for fashion-ing. Especially when it's rainy and slushy and confusing! Here's to warmer days. :)

  4. Wow, this is amazing! Can't believe it's homemade! I'm so excited to see you rock this Sam! P.S. I'm all for channeling my inner flower child:)!

  5. Hi dear!! I really enjoy your blog, its amazing!!
    Your post is so perfect :)
    Come to see my new post: NO ONE COULD DENY

  6. I'm impressed by all of these DIYs lately. They are impressive and cute.

  7. this is super cute,. the finished product doen's look like it was DIYed at all. should try this sometime, thanks for sharing!

    xo, Carla

  8. This is such a pretty necklace, Sam! Thank for putting up a tutorial :)

  9. nice blog and great post! I really like those pictures! I think I will be here more often!

    Don't forget to stop by and say hello!

  10. This boho necklace looks exactly like those they are selling in the stores! My, you have a talent for DIY accessories. Since it is my first time visiting your blog, I would like to comment on some initial impression. =)

    I literally LOL at your blog description!!! Yes, I was wondering why on earth "The Banged Blonde" and wonder what is this lady up to and then I saw your blog description. Hahaha... So you haven't really explained why this name eh?

    Anyway, I hopped over here from the lovely Ali's blog and this lovely lady seems to have lots of very sincere people commenting. I love people like you who takes the time and effort to read and comment.

    BTW, I'm holding my 2nd blog giveaway and I'm inviting you to join. No obligations of coz. There are Kimmidoll, L'Occitane, Crabtree n Evelyn and Fleurfaerie stuff to be won. Feel free to check it out and participate if keen. Have a lovely Sunday!

  11. You have the best and prettiest ideas for jewelry! I secretly love bohemian styles (even though it isn't exactly my personal aesthetic) so I'm in love with this necklace. So natural and pretty!

  12. Love these DIYs you've been putting it up! I wish I had the skill and/or motivation to make all these cute pieces haha

  13. Thank you for returning the visit and commenting, Samantha. I hope you manage to gather all the leftovers and create a cute little toy for your doggie! Would love to keep in touch with you and see you around more often! Now that I've found a way to get by the GFC glitch, I will be following you! I hope we continue to stay connected as I love interacting with you.


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