Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Hibernation is Over

Why, hello! It's been so long I feel as if I should introduce myself once again.
I wasn't expecting to have such a long absence from my blog; I was waiting on
nice weather and, well, it was one hell of a long wait.  Even just several days ago
it was -17. That's a Canadian spring for ya. The sun is now out though and that
icky white stuff is finally disappearing, much to my delight! Perhaps in my past
life I was a bear? But......I'm uber, uber excited to announce that this was
officially my last Ottawa winter! In just a couple of months we will no longer
belong to a bustling city and instead we will live a simpler life in an ocean-side
village (and more importantly, this place has milder winters, for the most part).

As some of you may know, Paul and I have been kind of re-working our lives
in an attempt to be as green as possible (for lack of a better phrase). Sometimes
I find it difficult to be self-sufficient in the heart of the city. I'm excited to be
by my mother as well, who is also on her own quest for a greener life. It's easier
to do so when you have some land to work with. Good-bye tiny apartment living
 (400 sq. feet is a boxed cage, people!) and hello, both living and green space! 
It'll be wonderful for Kobe to have some walks that don't include sidewalks and
he can finally sniff some trees instead of garbage cans. Poor city dogs, eh. And
I'm excited to hear silence again and to see the stars (well, more than a couple).
  Needless to say, I'm stoked and I've got a couple of busy months coming up!
I've discovered something new lately. Vests. Yes, vests. I think I may be behind
on just about everything when it comes to fashion, but better late than never as
 they say! Could there be a more perfect layering piece? Especially on those sunny
days with a biting wind. I made a couple of vests myself out of old sweaters
and blazers, but I'm definitely making a bee-line to the vest section on my next
 shopping outing.  And just when I've acquired a new love for polka dots, my
friend was purging her closet and I was lucky enough to thrift this dress - I
just love the subtle dots and I've certainly been wearing it enough.
Thrifted // Wool Hat
Thrifted/DIY // Wool Vest
GAP // Wool Sweater
DIY // Necklace
My friend // Dress
DIY // Leg Warmers
Soc Moc // Hus Puppies Combat Boots


  1. Wow, that weather sounds awful. Glad you are back to blogging though and that's so exciting that you are moving :) I've never understood how people can handle having dogs in the city. It sounds like such a challenge. I guess that's what all of the parks are for though. Brown and black is a great color combo and you and you look super cute in your hat.

  2. Well hello there stranger! ;)
    Haha when I saw your comment on my blog I was like "Ohmygoodness, Samantha! How has that girl been? I haven't seen a post from her in ages."
    Glad to see you're back, and with such exciting news too! That's so awesome :D Here's to greener and more spacious living!
    Anyway, love your discovery of vests in this one haha, looks fantastic on you

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Brilliant blog, great posts and beautiful proprietress! What to want more ...
    I'd love to follow you (bloglovin + GFC) and welcome to visit my
    blog about fashion .

    Katherine Unique

  4. Aaaaaw! I bet your dog is enjoying the greenification of your life, haha. That sounds wonderful that you're working to make everything so green, though.

    Dude, vests really ARE perfect! I was obsessed with them for such a long time but I haven't been able to find any ones that are cropped in the back (or else I look disproportional, I thinks, haha). Yours is absolutely darling! :D and looks like it keeps your middle cozy, too!

  5. I am so glad you are back! It sounds like you have some big things happening in your life and that's awesome. There is never anything wrong with "being green". In fact, that's totally awesome! And this outfit is adorable and I'm in love with your shoes.

  6. Yay good to see you're back! I'm back from a hiatus too. Feels so good to be back to blogging, right? :) You look darling as usual, I can see why you like this dress so much. It makes you look like a little polkadot fairy.
    Well, 've never been a fan of living in the countryside, but the way you describe it it actually sounds supernice. Can't wait to see this place, it's sounds so romantic :)

  7. Such gorgeous pictures, you look beautiful and I love those booties!

  8. Oh, good luck on living a greener life. That is great!

    Also, yes, this vest looks great on you!


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