Monday, April 07, 2014

Spring Into Action

Good day! It's finally starting to feel like spring, and I couldn't be happier. It was
wonderful to open up the windows this weekend and allow the breeze to sweep
through the apartment.  I love being able to gallivant about the city and enjoy the
time spent going from shop to shop. I'm glad the weather has improved as well
since I would like to explore my city, especially some places I haven't yet been,
before I leave. For the past year and a half I've lived across the most adorable
cupcake shop and have always eyed their exquisite desserts sitting in the window.
Stepping inside was even more of a delight. With Victorian style tables and
chairs mixed with rustic shelves, and the pleasant aroma of cupcakes baking,
this shop with its old-fashioned charm is the perfect place to treat yourself.
Better yet, this shop is all organic and even caters to the vegans.  I've recently
cut all meat and fish from my diet (protest for way animals are treated), so I've
been trying to immerse myself into that world. If anyone has any delicious recipes,
please do send my way! my goal is to try at least one new recipe a week, which
is definitely an easy enough challenge, if it can be called that.
Since it's been so lovely outside lately (putting aside the snowy Saturday) I wanted
to wear something bright that makes me think of spring. It's hard to let go of that
black though. I find living in a place with very defined seasons creates very defined
seasonal colour palettes. If you're thinking of wearing pastels, neons, or just bright
colours in general in the bleak cold months you can bet you'll be sticking out (which is a
wallflower's nightmare).  But that's all over now! It's time for loud prints and notice
me colours. Just a little less snow on the ground and the floral crowns are coming out!
Thrifted // Cardigan
Winners // Dress
Thrifted // Boots
Thrifted // Boots 
Made by Me // Necklace


  1. I know, I'm so excited for the warm spring weather to arrive! This week it's supposed to be in the 60's where I'm at :D AHHH!
    Haha, and yes, every wallflower's nightmare. Sticking out like a sore thumb...sigh. Which is too bad since I love the brighter colors and prints. This dress is gorgeous Samantha, so glad to see you back blogging :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. It does seem like people who live in places with the 4 seasons really dress according to the seaon's colours. I have a pink marshmallow winter coat and a white one and whenever I wore those 2 coats to winter areas, I stick out and people in black and brown all had to stare. Definitely stuck out like a sore thumb but I always tell myself it is ok coz I'm a tourist and could be forgiven. Ha...

    The cupcake shop does sound really lovely. I could imagine why you love it.

  3. Yay for Spring colors and exploring neighborhood shops :) You look lovely in your floral dress and your boots are really cute too. I'd be interested in hearing about your experience with vegan baking if you try any recipes as I've been wanting to get into vegan baking myself.

  4. Oh my god, if i had a cupcake bakery RIGHT across from my apartment i'd be like 300 pounds right now, haha. that sounds amazing! and yay for spring colors! that dress looks fab on you and i've always, always been a fan of those boots ;)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  5. Gallivant... now there's a word I need to shove into my vocabulary more often. Gallivanting through the streets, gallivanting through a field of flowers, aaaaah yes. :D

    I'm glad that springtime has you in such a happy mood! And um, that's absolutely amazing that this darling little shop caters to vegans. The interior sounds absolutely precious. SIGH. I would just wanna dress up in a fancy pastel dress and join you for some cute foods there.

    Oh! And your outfit--those boots are the perfect color and I love 'em against your black tights. I hope the rest of your week is amazing, my sweet blog fraaaand! <3

  6. Oh wow the print on that dress is so fun! And of course your bangs, I had bangs but grew them out but think I am going to sport them again. On one the hand they are high maintenance but on the other hand it is an easy way to look polished. Also love how you got the little waves on the bottom.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  7. Oh you look simply amazing in this printed dress! Definitely spring like colors and I love the cute boots you paired with it.
    That cupcake shop sounds like so much fun. I love little bakeries and shops that have their own little special trademarks about them, and what a great idea to make vegan treats there! That is such an important lifestyle choice and good luck with your recipe challenge!

  8. Heeyyy, so great to see you in brighter colours again! :) Love the shape and colours of the dress, so nice with the black and brown basics! Btw I'm always jealous because you have the most perfect simle and chic brown boots <3
    Have a lovely weekend! :)

    Oh and as for recipes, I tried this one here the other day, it was really good:


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