Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I am rather exited to discuss this outfit, and aren't I glad to have this outlet? For
I'm sure if I rambled on for five minutes about what I was wearing, the only thing
running through people's minds would be: Lordy, look at that vain Vivian. But
here I can go on and on and you beautiful, supportive woman will encourage me
even more! As you may have heard me say before, I'm definitely a Pinterest user.
It gives you fashion inspiration in an easy to manage and quick to look at way. I
also tend to peruse the internet for inspiration seeing as my job involves me sitting
at home in front of the computer and I barely watch movies and little television
(let's just say people in documentaries about social change and environmentalism
aren't the best to look to for fashion inspiration and I'm not about to dress like a
Games of Thrones extra no matter how much I dig the show). Anyways, so I
came across this French blogger who styled a graphic tee with a plaid skirt and
heels. Now while she may exude the whole effortlessly chic thing as most French
women do, I find I'm channeling more of a playful look.  Appropriate considering
I robbed this shirt from my little brother, You can see the re-working of it here.
Thrifted // Sweater
My brother's (DIY) // T-shirt 
Thrifted // Belt
Jacob (a gift) // Skirt
Thrifted // Wedges


  1. Oh my God!! You are my heroine for stealing this shirt from your brother and styling an outfit with it! I LOVE it! :) I'm such a sucker for anything Mario related! Love how you picked up his bright red in the cardi! Playful and cute indeed with the skirt! Really cool look! :)

  2. Great outfit! Love the combination of red cardigan with the skirt. And the shirt is so cute :)

  3. You look awesome :) I think your take on the outfit has a British vibe which is very cool. And you look so good in red! Isn't it fun to get ideas from other bloggers? They open up a whole new world of potential for clothes I had no idea what to do with haha.

  4. Lol things we can only get away with on fashion blogs...right?? Haha, I love what you said. I often have to contain my excitement about an outfit for the blog, because seriously...people would think that's all I care about or something.
    Anyway, yes, LOVE this cute and playful mix you did with the Mario tee :D Haha, I absolutely love it. Pinterest is the best!!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. Haha love how you stole that shirt from your brother- the little guys can come in handy sometimes. And I love how it lokos with the plaid- that blogger was genius! And I definitely get the bulk of my inspiration from pinterest, too. it's hard not to!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  6. Um, I love this. Like a lot. Any outfit that incorporates a Mario T-shirt is top-notch in my book. You're inspiring to start collecting awesome T-shirts and dress them up!


  7. Hi darling!! You have an amazing blog :)
    I really adore your dress!!
    Come an see my new post: "IL MIO UOMO”

  8. I'd love to hear documentary recs if you have some! social change and environmentalism are def the kind of things i love learning more about! i dont have a tv and am so behind on all pop culture stuff haha. i love that you did a remix of the outfit inspiration though, the T seriously is perfect w/ the plaid skirt. do you style your bangs btw? i was just noticing that they always look soo perfect (maybe it's your straight hair?). oh and when you said you twirl them up for curls, do you do that & then pin them up? how long do you leave them twirled? my hair's wavy naturally but i think we have pretty similar hair textures otherwise (surprisingly thick but somewhat fine?).


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