Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April is Capricious

The smell
Of recent rain
Hit my nose
From melting
Winter's grip
     Raymond A. Foss

Spring is as diverse as a Toronto sidewalk. Sunday: thunderstorms. Monday: plus
28. Today: minus 11 and snowy, very snowy. Since I'm a baby (and packed away
all my winter things) I invited a friend over to my place for our coffee date rather
than me braving the weather and going to our usual cafe. As we sipped our steaming
hot coffee (mine seriously cooled by the copious amount of cream I use) I couldn't
help but think the snowy scene outside with its fluffy snowflakes resembled more of
a December day than it did an April day. Do April snowfalls bring May flowers?
And to think that just yesterday I stepped out of the house in this! After months of
piling on the layers to walk outside with so little clothing gives me the feeling of being
entirely too exposed. I mean, look at all that skin I'm putting on display! And now it's
two posts in a row that I'm rocking my new wool vest. I don't know how I ever
survived before with a closet deprived of vests. I think it's now my new favourite
thing to layer a bright cardigan underneath my black vest. And just think of all the
layering possibilities this vest provides! A fashion bloggers dream piece really.
Thrifted // Vest
Thrifted // Cardigan
DIY // Necklaces
Thrifted // Satchel 
Handmade // Skirt
Garage Sale // Ring
Thrifted // Wedges


  1. I really enjoy your blog, its so fantastic and cool :)

  2. looking cute as usual :)

    stop by,

  3. I know, the weather needs to straighten itself out! I can't handle all of these mood swings! haha. It makes it so hard on us fashion bloggers who need to know what to wear. I love black and blue together, so I'm loving this outfit. That skirt is so pretty!
    Haha, if I drank coffee I'm sure I'd put too much ice cream in it too :)

  4. Man, everyone is experiencing some crazy weather! I know, yesterday was a balmy 70 degree day (!!!!!) and then today it dipped back down to the 40s and we had winds that were knocking over trash bins.
    Aha, anyway, it'll warm up soon (hopefully!).
    Love your layerable vest, definitely a blogger's dream piece :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. Vests are amazing - they don't even have sleeves yet they are SO warm. I wish I could send some of my LA sunshine your way. Snow in April does not sound fun.

  6. Dude, right? We just got a blast of cold. I totally don't mind it, but I have an exhibition I'm attending where I wanna wear a cuuuuuute strapless dress and so I hope it warms up by... tomorrow... aaack.

    Okay okay, enough about me. XD I love the black and blue together! Those two colors always remind me of my high school but not so much here. The print on your skirt is lovely, too! STAY WARM, MY SWEET!

  7. hahah the SAME THING happened in chicago. i have snow on my deck right now. i'm absolutely dying to bust out the summer dresses. let's weep together?

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  8. I love the print on your skirt and your shoes are so lovely. I feel like Ohio has the same weather as Canada and it's AWFUL.

  9. I just LOVE the print of your skirt, it's so elegant! :)


  10. I've totally been thinking the same thing about April! Isn't it supposed to feel like spring already. By the way love your skirt...the print is really cute.

    xo erica

  11. Oy the weather sounds brutal! I am sending some warm weather and sunshine your way! Spring should not be that cold!!! Sam did you do anything different to your hair? Go lighter? Either way...it looks absolutely gorgeous! This outfit is so cute! Loving that skirt!


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