Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Got Wind?

Why, hello! The inconsistency of my posting makes me pretty much a terrible
blogger, eh. I am happy to say that it's simply just life keeping me busy though.
No matter how many moves I put under my belt, I never cease to forget how
much it entails! One can never find enjoyment in packing, can they? I've also
been having oodles of friend time; in particular, my friend and I have been
frequenting this vegetarian restaurant, the Green Door. It's buffet style - i.e.
positively wonderful to finally have such an array of delicious and healthy goodies!
And since the weather has warmed (for the most part) and people can now enjoy
being outside, it seems like it's time again that the marches and rallies begin. This
makes me really happy. Marches, protests, and rallies are a great way to express
public opinion, cause change, and help us feel the power we have as people!
Tomorrow begins the World Wide March: Waking Up the Masses. Click
here to see if your city is partaking! As Margaret Mead puts it:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change 
the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Although, upon discovering her connections with the CIA and MK ULTRA, 
I'm not sure how that quote is to be read...perhaps I am using it all wrong...
It's been extremely windy lately and since I no longer can depend on my long
jacket to protect me from a Marilyn Monroe incident, I've been reaching for
those body-hugging skirts. Not necessarily my fave, but it's nice not to have to
worry about flashing the masses! I don't quite know what I will do when I move
to a village by the sea, which is needlessly to say, extraordinarily windy! I think
I might start veering towards longer skirts, eliminate the possibility altogether.
And I hope you're not getting sick of these boots yet...they've been my go-to
footwear as of late. I find they give any outfit this perfect rustic laid-back look.
Thrifted // Cardigan
Thrifted // Top
DIY // Necklace (see here)
Thrifted //Wool Vest
Thrifted // Belt 
Guess (oh, so old) // Skirt
Thrifted //Boots


  1. this outfit is so lovely -- can't believe that almost all of the pieces are thrifted! the stripes on stripes combo is adorable.


  2. Aw man, I know, whenever a windy day kicks up and I have the urge to wear a skirt, I rely on my bodycon fit ones. They're not necessarily my favorite either, but at least I don't have to walk like a penguin to avoid flashing everyone! Haha super cute neutral striped one <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Hahahaha, well I'm glad you're avoiding flashing the masses with your new skirts. I love those yellow boots on you and GOSH DANGIT YOUR HAIR IS ALWAYS SO CUTE! and flawless and smooth and ugh it's lovely, really. :D

  4. Loving all these stripes :) And the boots definitely add a nice touch. I've been having the same problem with wind lately too. It's such a bummer when the weather is so lovely but you can't enjoy because you have to hold your skirt down the whole time.

  5. i had never even heard of that event, but it looks like i missed it. i didnt know you were moving, that's exciting! where'd ya move to? also girl, you look gorgeous!! i'm totally loving the all black but w/ the dash of diff prints/patterns & then those gorgeous boots.

  6. Ooh, these stripes on stripes look amazing on you! Loving the color of these boots too!

  7. Oh, not sure how I'd missed this post, but these stripes on stripes are adorable!

  8. Your style is so inspiring, as always.


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