Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Golden Gloomy Day

You have to let people see what you wrote. It will never be perfect, but perfect is overrated. Perfect is boring. 
    Tina Fey

Outfit: Sweater (Jacob), Leather Satchel (Thrifted), Dress 
(Thrifted), Boots (Thrifted) 

   I almost didn't post this look, something about just screamed booooooring. But then again, this is my style diary and this is what I wore today, on yet another cold winter's day. 
   I think this sweater may be my only soft wool sweater.  I have dry skin and coarse fabrics can really irritate it, which is why I usually wear layers under my wool skirts and sweaters. Not so with this sweater. I love the gold in it too, it shimmers in the sun! 
   And another look showcasing my love of the colour brown.  I'm trying to wear all my darker brown clothes before they become too drab for spring and summer. Not that I'm much of a colourful person, as I've stated before. I was never one for pastels and I've only recently veered towards floral prints.  

Ta-ta for now! 
xo, The Rag Trade 


  1. i so often don't post outfits as i think the same thing, just a boring outfit etc, but you are totally right its a style diary and that means posting all. But can i just say, you always look great and that bag is most definitely not boring.This outfit looks like the type of thing i like to live in on weekends xxx

  2. I don't think this is boring at all! I love those boots and I can't believe you got those thrifting! I wish I had the thrifting sense you have :).



    Southern (California) Belle

  3. Great sweater!

    Kate xo


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