Sunday, February 24, 2013

Finding Your Feet

Confidence is 10% hard work and 90% delusion. 
    Tina Fey 

Just as we were taking pictures someone and their dog walked by 
and Kobe could not pay attention to the camera! Hence his side pose.  

Outfit:  Skirt (Thrifted), Circle Sweater (Thrifted), Boots (Thrifted),
Top (Thrifted), Bag (Thrifted), Rings (DIY)

   The weather is warming up, woot woot!  Needless to say, I jumped on the opportunity to wear shorter boots and even a light sweater. It was a little misty though, hence my hair's puffiness, it never has this much volume! 
   Again brown and black; I swear I could live in these colours. I promise to bring in some colour during the spring! 
   Lately I've been into orange, not so much in clothing but accessories. I've heard that there's an orange for everyone (flattering wise) but I have yet to find "my orange."
   I saw this picture in the window of a store on our way home (I take my photos while on walks with Kobe) and fell in love instantaneously! I mean, a picture of various doors?! I love how imperfect they all are, with chipping paint, cracked walls, and even graffiti. 
   Hope you had a wonderful weekend! 

Until next time!
xo, The Rag Trade 

Song on repeat for me today: The Stone Poneys, Different Drum


  1. you look so lovely! and pretty dog :)
    if you want we can follow each other, let me know!

  2. Love it!!!

  3. Love this look on you - your skirt is so cute!

    Kate xo


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