Thursday, February 28, 2013

Playfully Punctilious in Plaid

And what he greatly thought, he nobly dared. 

A city covered in snow. This is the view from my balcony this 
morning. We've had non-stop snowfall for the last two days. 

Outfit: Plaid Wool Dress (Thrifted), Boots (Le Chateau), Brown Dress, 
worn under (Thrifted), Orange Ring (DIY)

   The snow is back! For a few days we were experiencing some spring weather, with temperatures at plus three, and boy was it nice! Now everything is wet and slushy, making the shoe choice very, very, very limited.  
   Oh plaid.... I swear, everyone wears it here. It's about the only thing the bf wears, no lie.  How about you, do people where you live where a lot of plaid? I love this dress but I can only wear it when the bf is around when I get ready; I can't do the zipper up by myself! When I didn't live with the bf and I wanted to wear a dress that I couldn't do up alone (I have a couple), I would be thankful for coat season 'cause I would leave it undone until I met up with a friend. Just one of the many things a live-in bf is good for! 
   I always have a tricky time trying to pair jewelry with this dress. It has a bateau neckline and is very high, perhaps it is best left alone? What would you suggest dear reader? 
Until next time!
xo, The Rag Trade 


  1. I can't say there are a ton of people who wear plaid here... But it's only because it's never really that cold. I love this jumper, you look beyond cute!



    Southern (California) Belle

  2. so adorable and chic!! the plaid really goes so well on you! :D you look like a doll!

    have a good weekend!
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  3. This is a cool place to be at! Your blog is pretty awesome! I was just looking at some of your other posts and think it's really entertaining! I think you'll see some more of me here;)!

    Come by mine, and let me know if you like it too! We could follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin, and Instagram too!

    Stay in touch;)


  4. If your hair is down I would only wear something simple, like a pendant on a chain. If your hair was up I would would wear a statement necklace in a contrasting colour. Have a great day lovey!


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