Saturday, March 16, 2013

Carry a Torch

Outfit: Shirt (Jacob), Dress (Guess), Satchel (Thrifted), Hat (Aldo), 
Boots (Vintage), Glasses (c/o Firmoo)

    I'm oh, oh, oh so very happy to be writing today's post... mostly this is due to my new glasses (you all didn't even know my eyes were less than perfect, but they are- I don't need to wear them always, unless I want to, they're mainly for distance seeing)!
   Anyways, for some time now I've been desiring a new pair of glasses- the ones I own now I've owned since first year uni (at this age six years ago feels like such a long time).  Prescription glasses can be a bit pricey though and since I don't actually wear them everyday I was a tad hesitant to go out and spend money on such an unnecessary accessory.  And then one day, as if someone had been reading my mind, I received a wonderful opportunity, from Firmoo (, to try out a pair of glasses! 
    I was at first going to choose a pair of sunglasses as I was reluctant to order prescription glasses over the internet (I'll be honest, I rarely order anything via the internet). Taking the chance the glasses will look nice on  me, let alone fit properly, was one I was iffy about that's for sure. Firmoo however, makes everything surprisingly simple in regards to your personal optical needs (seriously, I mean, step by step)!
   One of the reasons I've been wanting new glasses is because I've secretly been wanting glasses similar to those of Zooey Deschanel and Taylor Swift, haha! The ones I already own are smaller framed. When browsing's super trendy (not to mention affordable) collection of glasses I stumbled upon these beauties! I absolutely love them and I think from now on you'll see me rocking glasses more often! You can find my exact pair here: 
   And one last thing before I leave. For all you spectacle wearers out there, I'd like to invite you to try Firmoo's First Pair Free program! You can choose a beautiful pair of glasses like me for free and pay only shipping:
   All that and not a single mention of the weather, I think that may be a first for me, eh?

Until next time!
xo, The Rag Trade 

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  1. I was enamored with firmoo's free glasses offer, but never could pull the trigger. If it worked for you, then I trust it a bit more!

    Your glasses are adorable, by the way!


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