Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Paint the Town Red

What red nail polish says about you: 

"Those who choose a darker red are feeling sexy and sensuous."
"You're sultry, devilish with a retro flair. You love victory rolls, platform shoes, and cancer sticks.    You wouldn't be caught dead in anything not form-fitting and you typically have a red lip to match. You are woman, hear you roar!" 
"Fire-engine red nails tells others that you are daring, outgoing, and highly confident." 


                             Outfit: Dress (Thrifted), Bag (Thrifted), Flats (Fairweather)
   The weather has finally stayed warm for more than a day at a time! I love the beginning of summer (still technically ten days away), when the days are sunny and the temperatures stay in the low twenties, yet the nights are cool making it ideal for sleeping. It's the perfect time of year, if only every day could be like this! With the delightful weather the bf, Kobe,andI took a walk for the season's first ice cream cone. 


  1. Seriously, red is such a good color on you. You need to wear it all the time!

  2. Ahh, an ice cream shoot... still on my list! You look lovely in red! Alex



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