Saturday, June 22, 2013

Spring Into Summer Solstice

                                Before                                                                  After 

Outfit: Bag (Thrifted), Wool Skirt (Thrifted/DIY), Belt (Thrifted), Tank-top
 (Thrifted), Nail Polish (Rimmel- Grey Matter)

     The past two days have been quite eventful for the bf and I; Kobe went missing Thursday afternoon! I've never had him leave my side so not only was this way out of character, I didn't really know where to look for him (direction-wise). We live in the heart of downtown so I was stressing over the fact that there are plenty of cars, not a dog's best friend! All is good though, I got a call just three hours later informing me that he was picked up and brought to the Humane Society (our dog pound). Unfortunately, Kobe had to spend the night there, and for the first time in over four years my home was dogless. It was uncomfortably silent and still.  We were happily reunited yesterday morning and all is back to normal! I would just like to express how grateful I am for organizations like the Humane Society and the kind person who picked Kobe up when he was wandering the bustling streets of downtown. 
      Now that I've rambled about that for a bit, on to more pressing matters: clothes! I'm excited to display another DIY project. For a while the needle and thread lay unattended in my sewing box, the box lay hidden under a pile of clothes- clothes awaiting a new life after a little re-purposing. This skirt is similar to the wool blue plaid one I had posted about last week. I loved these skirts dearly, but rarely wore them due to the length, now I can't get enough of them! 

Until we meet again!
xo, The Rag Trade 

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