Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Simplicity

Dress // Thrifted
Necklace // DIY 
Belt // Thrifted
Bracelets // DIY
Flower Studs // Street 
Jewelry Vendor
Spring // Flats

I'm sitting in front of the fireplace (for the nights are wonderfully chilly here),
watching some good ol' X-Files, and although I've been thoroughly enjoying
my summer I find myself quite at a lost of what to say. Perhaps there's just so
much happening I don't even know where to begin! The fact that I've been
rather busy with work doesn't do my blogging any favours either - the last
thing I want to do after typing is spend more time indoors on an electronic
device! So as a result, these pictures are from several days ago. I spent
this extremely sunny day taking breaks swimming in my mom's pool
pool and getting my hands dirty in my garden. I wasn't going to take
any photos that day, but as Paul and I were driving my younger brother
into the city and we passed the most inviting overgrown road you ever
did see, I knew it would be the perfect backdrop to my simple plaid
 dress. I was wearing a quintessential summer straw hat to complete my
rural look earlier, but I must admit, that was more to keep the pesky
black flies from getting at my head rather than a fashion item! Oh, we're
not in Kansas anymore....


  1. your hair looks gorgeous and i love your dress! you have some amazing thrifted finds. i can relate to your blogging struggle -- it's really hard to stay indoors on a computer when the weather is so beautiful.


  2. gorgeous!


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