Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! This time of year definitely tops my list of favourites.
I'm not a lover of horror films, I'm no fan of guts and gore, and I tend to
shy away from anything remotely spooky, but yet I can't get enough of
Halloween.  I do, however, eat large quantities of candy and happily get
my arms gooey from carving pumpkins while watching themed movies
- Hocus Pocus anyone? Unfortunately there won't be any dressing up
for me this year, so instead I opted for the graveyard at the end of my
street and black and white photos. Having an appreciation for history,
it was interesting to walk and see the tombstones, some were from
the 1800's. I find in North America there is a tendency to destroy
the old and create new. Aged buildings with decorative style are
replaced with the plain and industrial. Walking through a graveyard
is like walking through history. I've been noticing that cemeteries in
rural areas are smaller, made of generations of families. This particular
one was surrounded by birch trees in the yard of a deserted church that
overlooks a river. It was a quiet and beautiful place - very bewitching.
All items thrifted 


  1. Wow, beautiful pictures! I love to roam old graveyards! I've been to some amazing ones in Ireland and Czech Republic and I just love to read the headstones and always enjoy the peaceful and quiet atmosphere too. This place at the end of your street looks magical indeed! Love the black and white effect and the kinf of 90s outfit - it's even a bit Twin Peaks -ish I think! :)

  2. Great photos! You're right - very bewitching. :-)


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