Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Call of the Cape

Belonging to the generation who was raised on Disney movies, it
surprises me that not every girl dons a dreamy cape on a daily basis.
This is one item I need more of in my closet. It's hard not to feel
polished or magical (those words can be used interchangeably, no?)
when wearing a cape. This particular one makes me think of Sherlock
Holmes - the original of course.  All I'm missing is the deerstalker
cap and a pipe. I wish I could say that it's not cold enough for a
wool cape, but that would be a fib. I've brought all my herbs inside
and now my kitchen smells of sweet lavender.  Our hot breath can
be seen in the chilly mornings and I find my hands seeking the
warmth from my hot cup of coffee.  No never-ending fall this
year - birthday wishes never come true....
Thrifted // Cape
Jacob // Sweater
Thrifted // Jeans
Le Chateau // Boots


  1. I need all the capes in my closet! Currently my collection is sitting at a lowly '1' but my eyes are always on the lookout for cozy capes (bonus if its tweed or plaid!)
    This one is particularly lovely - I am definitely feeling the Sherlock Holmes-esque vibes :)


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