Tuesday, July 02, 2013

A Sea Of Red And White

Outfit: Dress (Thrifted), Belt (Garage Sale), Bag (Garage Sale), Floral Crown (DIY), 
Nail Polish (Sally Hansen - Kiss Me Creme), Rings (Thrifted)

Happy (belated) Canada Day! 
   Yesterday was the celebration of my nation and since I happen to live in the capital it tends to get pretty ludicrous! It's an entire day of activities and fun times. In the morning we walked around the city amongst the crowds of people, got some food. Later in the evening, after a brewski or two, we made our way back to Parliament Hill for a free concert (we went for Metric). And of course, to mark the end of the night, fireworks! 
    I made this floral crown to go with my red and white ensemble, aren't I oh so festive? It's entertaining to watch people (I can be such a flâneur), some go all out while others don't dress up at all. I'll be honest, my city is a government town, full of nine to five people. So usually, I feel a bit out of place wearing my floral crowns, which makes me sad because I absolutely adore them and how they make me feel like a little princess fairy (my five year old self comes out at times). On a day like yesterday however, with some people wearing a red and white clown wig or others using the flag as a cape, my floral crown doesn't stand out at all! 
     It was a wonderful day and I hope all the Canucks out there had a great time! 

xo, The Rag Trade 


  1. Your red and white outfit is adorable, I love the backpack and the crown! This looks like such a good time :)
    xo Hannah


  2. You look SO pretty here! Red and white were made for you. This little white dress is adorable and how cute is that floral crown? Looks like you had a fun Canada Day!

  3. You look beautiful! This outfit is so cute and perfecT!

  4. amazing pictures :)
    don't forget to visit my blog <3

  5. I hope you had a great Canada Day! Your outfit was absolutely perfect!



    Southern (California) Belle

  6. Girl you look adorable! I love your floral crown! Can't believe you made it!!! Happy Canada Day:))!

  7. Love the floral wreath! Looks incredible with your lipstick xx


  8. I love the flower crown!. It looks beautiful on you. Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Samantha!

    Love, Amy


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