Monday, July 15, 2013

From City to Village

So I've arrived in Louisbourg! I absolutely love this place. When I
was in high school I used to spend my entire summer vacations here.
I didn't care that this place was without a movie theater, or a shopping
mall, or even a gas station! We were explorers; walking to the lighthouse,
relaxing at the beach, or seeking out old abandoned house that we were
assured were haunted. Or I would play tackle football with the boys! For
someone who loves the outdoors, it's heaven!
I've been waiting to wear my striped clothes when I'm by the ocean, for an
 oh-so nautical feel! So be prepared to be bombarded with lines, so many lines!
And, I get to wear all my ocean themed jewelry! I tend to feel odd donning
seashell pendants or rings when there's only a river by me, so I've been itching
to wear them of course.
Outfit: Ring (Souvenir from Calgary), Tank-top (American Eagle),
Skirt (Thrifted), Belt (Thrifted), Satchel (Thrifted), Sandals (Thirfted),
Nail Polish (Maybelline- Paint the Town Red & Sally Hansen- Cameo Whisper)


  1. This looks like such a lovely place and your outfit fits perfectly with the scenery :) Cute ring too.

  2. What gorgeous scenery! I especially love the lighthouse. :)

  3. Such a pretty setting, I love lighthouses! Your striped outfit and shell ring are just perfect!
    Hope you're having a wonderful day :)
    xo Hannah

  4. Gorgeous photos of the lighthouse! Sounds like an amazing place to visit. Cute outfit too! It's definitely nautical :)
    Thanks for your sweet comment!

  5. Samantha this is my dream spot! I love the lighthouse and let's talk about that perfectly nautical outfit to complement the beautiful scenery:)!

  6. You are honestly so stunning and I love these photos! Looks like a really nice place to visit :)


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